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    Fishing  rights to lake property

    bhmrealtor Newbie
      I have a client that inherited some lake property of about 150 acres with a lake on the property near the home in Alabama. They are trying to sell the property and this is when it was found in the title search that the sister and a nephew of the decease brother had been given fishing or rights to the lake as well as her heirs. This decree was written in 1979 which is about 29 years ago. They have not been active in taking advantage of this decree. My clients need to get a clean title in order to sell this property in Alabama. They have tried to contact the sister and nephew to see if they will accept money to get a clearance from this decree but they will not respond. They have asked about a quiet title which not being a lawyer I have no idea. They did have a lawyer, but he does not respond thier calls or for that matter my calls. These are elderly people and I am at a loss as to what to tell them. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.