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    Looking for investors and answers

    3biscuit Newbie
      What would be the best way to pull credit for a business? I would really like a investor or a silent partner. Im a professional athlete who picked the wrong sport to become a professional in due to lack of money, but I do put my life on the line sometimes. I also dont possess great credit to start pulling thousands of dollars, but I do have both feet in the door for product lines that really not many other people can get their hands on for this price. Im talking what would cost you $130 for a pair of glasses selling for $30, $30 hats selling for $10, Im not going to get into it but I need help on getting the funds to start it. Any suggestions? I heard that its easier to pull credit through a tax ID #, is this true? Different sites to go to? Sites that I dont have to pay to even ask a question?

      Please help
      Thank you so much for your time
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          EliteIT Wayfarer
          Business credit is very different from personal credit. First, talk to an accountant, and formalize a business (DBA, LLC, Coporation), and talk to a lawyer and business advisor - write a busness plan. Then you can start establishing some credit and asking for money. Start with you local SBA office, they have loads of programs for start-up funding and will tell your requirements right over the phone. Also look into getting a DUNS and PAYDEX number/score, and work toward getting at least 3 trade references from companies also reporting to D&B (like your supplies).

          Its a start. Hope that helps...

          Elite Technology Advisors Group, Inc.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Looking for investors and answers, Welcome

            I am a SCORE Counselor. SCORE is FREE and both SCORE and I can give you great answers.

            SCORE has a FREE Site and you do not have to pay.

            How much funds are you looking for?? You will also need to develop a Business Plan.

            Eliteit gave you good suggestions.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              3biscuit Newbie
              Thank you for the help. I have a business plan in motion, numbers, product lines, profit per unit sold. I didnt go to school for any of this Ive just been big on math my whole life and I know how business works after managing one for 9 years. I am waiting for a reply from a score agent. If you would like to contact me I would greatly appreciate it. I think what Im looking for more than anything is sitting down with someone showing them my idea and seeing what they think. This is a garaunteed money maker, not a maybe, it will make money. The extreme sports are at a all time high and only growing larger every month. There is a new surf video/ documentary that just launched with Russel Crowe as the narrator. Hollywood is making it into a movie. I know from past experiences with this industry and growing up in it that my website will be huge. I really need some help. Seriously I kick myself in the butt everyday thinking about how I could be somewhere else if I wasnt such a idiot with my credit when I was younger. I want to be at a point where credit no longer matters with my business. I wish I could take the route of getting lawyers, accountants and al that other stuff but right now I barely make the bills with a 40+ hr a week job. I need someone who believes in me and wants to invest. I know once I start I can get credit cards or loans and pay them off faster than they wanted to. A win win situation. Thank you all for your time!