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    Trying to get back on Track?

    swtbreeze Wayfarer

      Hello Everyone,
      HELP, I am trying to get someone (business)or what, that is very serious to help me get back on track after a peroid of sickness in the family. I am ready to get the ball back running fast. I had to leave the business a short period around Mother"s Day til now. I was going in and out the business due to customers calling for baskets order and requests incoming events. I did fulfill all my appointed orders , due to the emergency in family I am trying to build a website, still trying to do my businnes plan after 2 month working on it, get inventory, rearrange my store around to have enough room for all my order coming in and hire at least one employee to help. Money is very limited and I have a short amount of time left to do this.


      Anyone willing to take on this task with me and help out ,let me know what, How to do. Yes, Luckiest I do know about SCORE, I start with Score helping out with the business plan.
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          crsw_85301 Newbie

          I recommend some of the business networking sites and perhaps brainstorming with some of the members that belong to them for ideas. I essentailly do not allow anyone to pound me over the head with their business they have. Your own city goverment should have small business resources also available for you, including places to get loans from. Sta.rtUp.Biz/ or or

          To your continued success

          Carolyn Siler Washington
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            Basket_Guy Adventurer

            Welcome back and I hope everything is ok now. I am not sure if you want to build your website or not, but if you are looking for someone to build it for you there are some people here that do it and I also recomend that is where i found the people to build mine. there is a ton of companies there to choose from and you get to look over their portfolios to see their work. Best of all you set your budget for the site and they compete for your business. Kind of like lending tree for website, lol. Elance is not limited to website companies there are marketing people, people who will do Logo and art work, write business plans. Anything you need you will probably find there. Business Pro, SBA and SCORE all have business plan templates and other Templates to help you out. I hope this helps you.