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    Large Quickbooks File

    dougkoli Newbie
      We have been in business for over nine years. We just started to have a problem with Quickbooks. According to the support people, our file is too big. They tell me that the file should be under 150000 Kb and my file is 357000 kb. We condensed the file and it is now 337000Kb. Does anyone have any answers to help? The support people suggested that I purchase a large version of Quickbooks (Enterprise Edition) which is very costly. We only need two to three licenses and you have to purchase 5 with the new edition. the cost of the new edition is $3,000 plus $750 per year. I would appreciate any possible solutions. Thanks.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Large Quickbooks File

          Doug, Lets start with the knowledge that Quickbooks is designed for the Small Business Owner.
          Also if you talk to support, they will try and sell you NEW (like a car sales person).

          One or two suggestions. One, Get more memory for your system.

          Two, Check out the "utilities". On some of the systems, the utilities will let you delete inactive
          customers and venders or make them inactive freeing up space.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            00ZULU00 Wayfarer
            How many years of information are you keeping active? Do you have all 9 years of information in your file? You can archive some of the information that you don't need as readily (say before 2005 or 2006) and it will reduce your file size.

            Let me know if this is a possible solution and we can discuss further.


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              geekoid Wayfarer
              As a rule of thumb, it is a best practice to have no more than 3 years of data in a QuickBooks Pro or Premier file. A file size larger than 250 MB should really be upgraded to Enterprise Solutions. Putting more memory in your computer won't make Pro or Premier any faster, as the performance is lower in these editions compared to Enterprise. Also, doing a "Clean up company file" or "Archive and Condense" does not remove transactions (just converts them to Journals) and it doesn't reduce the file size significantly to improve performance.

              Brett Barry
              Go Get Geek!
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                Santa Fe CPA Adventurer
                First, I suggest that you inactivate all vendors and customers records that show no actiivity in the past 5 years.
                Second, you should perform the purge function in your system. You should also have upgraded you system to the 2008 Version (2009 is about to be released.)
                This should clean up your file such that it runs at a reasonable speed.
                I am a Certified QuickBooks Professional .
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                  Accting_Svcs Newbie
                  First make sure that you have a good back up of your company file.

                  Then you will need to decide how many years that you would like to have on hand with full detail, i.e. checks, bills, invoices, payments, etc... I usually recommend at least 3 years. The remaining years you can archive the files to where you still have all of the old information but is is all in monthly summary journal entries. To do this you will go to file...Utilities...Clean up Company data...and follow dirrections thru the wizard, this will create an archive of your company file. In your case it may take a few hours for this to complete, I usually recommend that this be done overnight so that it is ready for use when you come in the next day. Once this is complete you should see some difference in the speed and ability to use QuickBooks again. (Looks as though you may have done this already)

                  If this does not solve your problem then you will need to look at what version of QuickBooks you are on, I am guessing Pro or Premier and possibly upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise as the support person advised. As far as the cost, yes there is the 5 licenses but you may can go to your accountant and see if they have a QuickBooks Proadvisor on staff that can order this for you. If this is the case then you can receive a up to a 15% discount on the cost of the product ( I am an accountant / ProAdvisor and I provide this to my clients along with many other accounting and software services). Also the cost of $750 per year is to upgrade to the newest version, which is cheaper than purchasing a new product but this is not required.

                  Outside of these two possibilities I think that there is not much that you can do with QuickBooks and you may need to look at going another route. With accounting software just be careful and research what you get to ensure that the new product can handle your load and also that it will handle the load until you are ready to change again. At the level you are at yes QuickBook is good but you need to look what version is the correct fit and will I outgrow the software before it's time. Most products that can carry the capacity that you are referring to is very costly, such as NetSuite Small Business that is a web based software but this will run you approximately $1000 to $1500 per user per year. This is a great software and can handle large amounts of data with no problem but again is costly.

                  If you have any other questions please let me know and I will be glad to answer them if I can.
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                      wb1234 Newbie
                      I have a similar problem, perhaps someone can suggest a solution. I use QB Pro 2006, and My file at 70MB is not too large or unmanageable.

                      It's just old.

                      It dates back to 1997 (12 years). I had financial problems back in 2002 (who didn't?) and shrank and focused my company. Since that time I generate 1/10th the invoices. So 95% of my accounting system, my chart of Accounts and Items list, stand mostly as a reminder of old problems and past mistakes. I'd like to no longer look at them.

                      I've tried using the "Clean" utility with 12/31/2004 as a date, all options checked, but it doesn't remove any old invoices, checks, accounts or anything. In fact, I can't quite figure out what it DOES do.

                      Is there a way to Purge past transactions, and post totals as opening balances in 1/1/2005, such that my 1/1/2009 balance sheet won't change?

                      If I update QuickBooks will I get a version that allows me to Purge old years?
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                          QB_Doctor Wayfarer
                          Did you try to archive the data with all items checked. It won't get rid of chart of account names. However if you are looking to clean up your chart of accounts, customers list, vendor and employee list....then you need to go to the appropriate list. Right mouse click on the name, then with the left mouse click on the sub menu item call inactivate. Although you can't delete items completely you can get them off your main active list so that you don't see them anymore or are not reminded of them :-) ... Let me know if this helps.
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                              wb1234 Newbie
                              >Did you try to archive the data with all items checked.

                              I don't see an archive option. I did the "File>Utilties>Clean Company Data" but it didn't clean anything as far as I can see.

                              >However if you are looking to clean up
                     on the sub menu item call

                              They've been inactive for 5 years. But the data is still there. If I hit Ctrl-Q and then All I can see all that old garbage, thousands of entries, just sitting there in my 2009 file.

                              What I need is a process that posts "beginning balance" entries as of 1/1/05, and then deletes everything prior.

                              Any chance of that, or might Intuit have added such a feature in newer versions? I found a service online that says they may be able to do it for "starting at $500". Also about 20 answers on Intuit forums that says at least through April 2008 the function doesn't exist...
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                                  QB_Doctor Wayfarer
                                  .....What I need is a process that posts "beginning balance" entries as of 1/1/05, and then deletes everything prior.

                                  Even when you clean the data or archive in older versions. It does not get rid of everything. Because there was a transaction associated with the item, customer, or vendor. You can't delete it. The only thing you can do is start a new QB file and transfer over the begining balances. Sorry. Hope this helps. :-)
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                                      wb1234 Newbie
                                      > Because there was a transaction associated with the item, customer, or
                                      vendor. You can't delete it using qb automated processes.

                                      Thanks for the confirmation. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious. I wonder why they have their "Clean up company data" if it doesn't really work?

                                      I'll look into the paid service I found online and see how that works.

                                      It isn't reasonable to force customers to hold data forever, nor is it reasonable to force them to start over, and not have the benefit of my last five years data entry for sales comparison reports. I'm sure Intuit will fix this someday.
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                              roblew Newbie
                              You May want to hire an accountant with kowledge about large Quickbooks File.
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                                sechelt Newbie
                                We have the same issue, I came across a site that looks very good, am going to try it out, the software is $150 and looks like it does what I (and you) need - I have not used it yet so I can't say if it is any good.


                                Did you find a soultion?

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                                  quickbooksgal Wayfarer
                                  Hi Doug,
                                  Perhaps you have been misguided by tech support and there might be other issues. I have seen files well over 1 and 2GB with no issues. I have also worked with clients that have been told the same thing and it ended up being other things that were happening such as network issues, backup issues, file corruptions, etc. There are many components that can affect file intengrity. Starting a new file is not alway the best an unless you actally start a new file and transfer the opening balances over, you will only be increasing your audit trail. I own and have used the tools for moving data and creating new files but before you go that route, consider the possability that it may not be needed. If you want to discuss this further, check out our site at

                                  I hope this helps,
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                                      GitaFaust Wayfarer

                                      You have couple options:

                                      1. Archive the QuickBooks file
                                      2. Create a portable file and reopen the file - this may reduce the size
                                      3. Delete old transactions
                                      4. Transfer the current year data into a new data file OR
                                      5. Upgrade to Enterprise version +10% off on the software

                                      Before you proceed with any of the above options, always make a backup.


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                                          BDSQBPro Newbie
                                          If there is one thing I've learned over the past 20 years is that you should NEVER, I repeat NEVER run the archive/condense function in QuickBooks. Yes, I know it's an option, but it kills your data integrity.

                                          There are other solutions, and people who can shrink your file and correct your data integrity.

                                          What was the outcome of your issue? How is your data integrity?? Did you upgrade to Enterprise??

                                          I am an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor, member of the National Advisor Network and also an Intuit Solution Provider.
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                                        DianaBSCS Wayfarer

                                        Ok...  so I've a read a TON of different suggestions here...  but I'm still not sure what to do in my company's case...


                                        We have Enterprise 11.0 and our data file is 1.6G (dating back about 7 years) with roughly 9 users in at any given time... 


                                        We are getting a lot of "working" pop-ups... and sluggish movement between transactions...  add in the occasional complete shut-down... and we're definitely in need of a solution.


                                        We have considered the following:


                                        -- Condense/Clean Data Utility -- but have seen that there is a lot of file integrity damage with it

                                        -- Shrink the file -- but most outside companies that offer this service only reduce it by 20%... and is that really that much that it would help??

                                        -- Create a new company file -- concerned about not transferring all the necessary information to function smoothly


                                        I would love to hear from someone who actually had this problem... and exactly what THEY did to fix it... and if they've had any trouble since then...



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                                          Moderator Jim Ranger

                                          Great posts so far! Glad to see this thread continue!



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                                            Carrie Kahn Newbie

                                            This original post is three years old and a lot has changed in that period of time.  Today I would recommend doing a data shrink and leaving the last two years in the file.  I have several clients who have done this and are very happy.  Also we have been told that the condense feature in QB has been resolved, however it has been said with caution and not tested.  As many problems as I've seen arising from the built in utility, I hesistate to go that route.  Often times customers have already used the buggy tool in QB and have created data integrity issues that can't be resolved through QB.  The data shrink service we provide clears up the data integrity issues. 


                                            Also, QuickBooks enterprise is designed for growing files, but a lot can go wrong if not setup properly.  There are many proadvisors that know QuickBooks some are certified, even fewer are advanced certified.  There are also few that are authorized resellers of QuickBooks products.  There was mention of finding a quickbooks proadvisor on staff to get discounted pricing.  This is no longer true.  The only people allowed to sell QuickBooks Enterprise are direct and an Intuit Solution Provider (ISP).  The difference is that buying through an ISP supports our local businesses and more often than not if your ISP is also advanced certified QB Proadvisor, you will have a much better installation experience than struggling through it yourself.


                                            QBES has lots of benefits that you may not realize, one is that you get US based support for a year.  We always recommend renewing it annually because you stay on the latest edition.  With Pro and Premier you have to go back and buy the box all over again.  With Enterprise, it is more of a business software.  Pro and Premier have list limits of 14,500 and Enterprise is well above that at least 100,000 plus.  You can set security limits inside of Enterprise that you cannot do in Pro and Premier such as keeping people out of your payroll.    It is designed for multi user access and to be put on a server.  This is just a few of the features.  It is far superior to QB Pro and Premier and is worth taking a look.