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    Need Help With Funding for Online Business

    xoole33 Newbie
      I have a online web search engine called Xoole Search, which is a pay per click search engine that combines the meta search style into one for a different web experience.
      The site right now is live but I am getting web design company to help me with the redesign of the site, as well as marketing the site. I am in need of about 20k but looking to produce results for my business. I have been up for one year now and had lots of personal problems, but now I am back on track and ready to go. I can keep you informed of everything that is going on anything you need.

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          BizLOC Newbie
          Good afternoon,

          I have a couple of questions about your website business and would like to see if I can assist you. When you have the opportunity please give me a call at 251-622-8187. I might have a few ideas that could help you if you qualify. Have a great afternoon and I look forward to hearing from you.


          Paull Warshawsky.
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            Raising money for a business can be very hard; you need to have an investor-ready business plan on hand. Have you created your business plan including financial projections? If you have not done that yet, the best starting point for you is to get what you want to do down on paper. Developing your business plan helps you to make your dream a reality; but only if you work at it to do the things necessary to reach your goal.

            A good business plan is something that funding sources and/or prospective investors are going to want to see so that should be your priority at this point.

            You may be able to find a local "Angel" investor who would provide some funding for you. You can search online for "angel investors" and you will find a number of resources and web sites that will help you find angel investors. Though most Angels that you find that way may be more interested in high growth businesses and larger transactions. Your best bet may be to check locally for smaller "angel" type investors that want to put smaller amounts of money into a business of your type. Unless you have credit and collateral to secure a conventional bank loan that will probably be the surest way to raise money for a start up business of this type.

            You also might want to try "social lending" sites such as:








            I hope the above helps you or gives you some direction. There is a lot of good information and business start-up help to be found on this site from some of the professionals that participate in the community. Do a search for that and read more to get additional feedback that will help you.


            Dennis Lowery


            Adducent, Inc.
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              hjs_23294 Newbie
              Hello my name is Trevor Brown.
              I'm the manager of MCA "merchant-club of ameria" we help small to mid-size business just like yours with its working capital need. please call me soon as you can. My number direct is 1-800-374-9557