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    How do you advertise your site?

    onlinebillb Newbie
      Name your methods for advertising your company's website: PPC, Direct Mail, Posters, Email Newsletters, Unique/lowcost online advertising opportunities (like milliondollarhomepage)?
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          daks04 Wayfarer
          I use google adwords.
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            chefstacy Wayfarer
            If you also make your business webpage into your home page, have family friends whatever do the same the more it is hit the more it comes up on yahoo, and other search engines, i advertise by logos on my clothes volunteer some of my services to get my name out I never go anywhere without business cards and brochures just incase there is a place or a person i can talk to or leave my info with them.

            Chef Stacy
            Savor your comfort Level..
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                intechspecial Ranger
                To advertise your website, sould not be an inclusive marketing aspect of its own, but rather part of your entire marketing plan.

                For a website to be successful, the advertising really depends on the type of website, and your paticular market.

                I would have to say you at the very least need a 2 tier advertising strategy.

                Tier 1 Online
                Tier 2 Offline


                Tier one includes Search Engine Optimization, links to your site from other sites, blogs, forums, and online website partnerships, among many other methods.

                Tier two consists of all the things you would do to advertise with the addittion of your website URL. Any print, tv, radio, newletters, flyers, newspaper ads, etc, should all have a reference to your website.

                The full implementation of advertising really depends on your websites functions(company information, e-commerce, etc).

                Finally the best way to reach your customers, is not to reach them, but learn their buying behaviors and patterens, and assist them in reaching you.

                Who wants a salesman knocking at there door selling avon?

                If I really need something, I will go to the company I know and trust.


                Who are your customers and what are their needs?

                When you know their needs apply your marketing strategy to the benefit of the your product.


                Finally if you are at a loss, take a look at your competitor, find the strengths and weaknesses of their company in comparison to you.
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                  Miss_Letty Newbie
                  Just a small question about the home page. This is the web site it's self? As in mine, not as in my back office site correct. I am very new at this , as in last week new. Your help will be greatfully accepted...
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                  iyazam Adventurer
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                    EntreOrp Adventurer
                    The ultimate tool to grow traffic to your site is backlinks and updating content often.

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