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    Frustrating Building Capital From Scratch

    paperworxny Wayfarer
      Hello all,

      I have been searching this forum for quite some time now and reading all the different stories, questions, comments, advice, successes, etc. I am very impressed but very frustrated at the same time. I own a small business since May of 2006. I provide start-up services for entrepreneurs. I don't have great credit but I have managed to put a lot of my personal finances into the business over the past 2 years. I try not to get discouraged because I know that it takes time for a business to generate a steady income and sometimes even longer to generate a profit. However, I approaching the magical third year of business and I am having a difficult time with my marketing strategy. I do have a business plan and it is also part of what I offer in my services. I also have a marketing plan that I have already implemented. My question to the forum, (some of the experts here) is this: What are some key ways to sell a service or attract actual consumers without the extensive marketing budget?

      For a little more information on my business, you can visit my website at (

      I am truly interested in any feedback. My current goal is to generate outside business (other than word-of-mouth). I have invested (small $) in a sponsored search and I am receiving a few clicks (of course, THOUSANDS of impressions) but it has not generated any new business yet. However, I started the campaign on 8/8.

      Any responsible advise is appreciated. Thanks for reading this post!
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          Basket_Guy Adventurer
          One of the best and most inexpensive way to get you name out there and get traffic coming to you, is to write informative articles and submit them to blogs and forums in your field of expertise. I googled "forums for start-up entrepreneurs" and recieved 461,000 sites. Answer questions in the forums and leave your link so they have somewhere to go if they have more questions. I highly recommend that you focus on the knowledge you have in your field. There are many people that come here looking for advise and would be your perfect audience, yet your post above does not portray confidence and make people want to come to you for more advise.
          The Internet reaches many millions of people which is a blessing and a curse, with this millions of people also comes thousands of competitors. My website has been up since 2003 and most of my business still comes from word of mouth.

          Best of Luck to you.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Frustrating Building Capital From Scratch, Welcome Karen

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE both in person and on line.
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              thinkbig Newbie
              I thinkbig and talk straight. I took a look at your website and in terms
              of marketing your website is "busy." It's not clear as to what you do
              and the services your provide.

              If your not clear, your potential clients are not clear. You have but 7
              seconds to capture someone's attention. They are not going to stay
              around and try and figure out what you do.

              You may be driving traffic to the website but it's a waste of money if
              they are confused when they get there.

              The first thing I would suggest is have your website overhauled by
              someone who understands direct response copy. You also need
              an opt-in page and an ethical bribe such as a free report.

              I have many more suggestions but I would start with that.