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    Need Outsourcing/Research Service

    virgil Newbie

      I am currently doing some research for a new online business that I want to start. I have limited time due to my day job and I am considering trying to find someone to help me with some basic internet research. If you have had a positive experience with a service (local or international) that you would suggest then please let me know.

      The first task I have is a very simple one. I want help determining how many competitor sites there are for my new business idea. At the very least I want someone to do research online to determine who the big players are in my niche. Ideally, what they would provide would be a list of all existing competitor sites, along with their key features/focus, monetization methods and traffic ranking (alexa, compete, quantcast, etc).

      For such a task, who would you use? How much would you expect to pay? Thanks!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need Outsourcing/Research Service, Welcome

          I am a SCORE Counselor. Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.

          I have unlimited time and would be most interested in helping you out.

          Your first task is to tell me more about you. You can email me at
          I would like to know where you are and include a phone number
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              virgil Newbie
              Luckiest, I'm aware of Score, but likely not aware of all they offer. I'll send you an email with some personal information. Thank you.
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                  snipperred Scout
                  My concepts are somewhat aligned and I am currently in R&D for myself over the next few years. I might do the research with you for a negotiable fee. A little extra spending money to help finance myself through school and perhaps fund some of my startups would be great. How much research do you need, what's the time frame you are working on, and what kind of quality of research do you require?

                  I have a question for you related to my own research. Depending on what you offer and what your market is, my theory is SEO is either irrelevant or going to become obsolete very quickly. Obviously, if you offer something for everybody online then SEO is key. What do you think about the new Wiki Search?
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                SpartanWarior Wayfarer

                Congrats on getting started on your business idea. And it's good to keep your day job and work on your idea. That's smart.

                You had asked two questions:

                Who would you use? I recommend that you use someone who can do some
                value addition (meaning who can do some analysis) and not just someone
                who can collate data. You can enhance the value you get if the
                person/company understands your context and filters information. I
                would recommend that you sign a 'work for hire' agreement so you get
                intellectual property in that research and it is kept confidential.

                I would also recommend that you limit the scope of the research so know what you want. I know you had already detailed it, but do detail it with the person you hire as well because that will set the right expectations and so you can get what you want.

                How much would you expect to pay? The answer to this question depends
                on the nature of the business you want researched and value you want from the research. If
                there are incumbent players in that space and information is easily
                available and it's just simple stuff that you had mentioned in your
                question, then the cost could be as low as $200. It will be higher based on want of information/research/analysis required.

                I myself have experience in doing research both for clients and for myself. If you need help in understanding any further, you could write to me at chaitanya DOT sagar AT p2w2 DOT com

                Disclaimer: I run p2w2 I would also suggest you consider using - there, you can find quality people who can do your work at a good price.

                Here are a few samples of folks who can do it:
                (to view profiles below, replace "shobanaa_anand" in the link above with text below)





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                  SpartanWarior Wayfarer
                  Some text got corrupted in the post above. The text is as follows:
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                    A_Ellicott Adventurer
                    Since you said your first task was simple I'll pass along a suggestion I read once for cheap, basic, research. Hire a college student.

                    The author suggested contacting a local business school, explain what you need, and see if they would suggest someone. While you're not going to get detailed analysis as mentioned in other posts, who better to look stuff up for you on the internet that a college kid?