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    Website review

    LetsBPrepared Wayfarer
      Hello everyone,
      I have my website up and running. I would appreciate some feedback on it. Later this week I will also be adding some emergency supplies geared more towards babies and kids 5years and younger. Right now i'm working on building my customer base.

      Thank you for your time.

      William Kinsey
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Website review, I am a SCORE Counselor and would like to talk with you.

          "We provide emergency supplies and survival kits to consumers and
          We also supply churches and other organizations with quick
          relief solutions to help those
          affected by natural disasters"

          I would like to help you build your customer base, LUCKIEST
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            your_web_guy Adventurer
            first off... welcome to the community and get ready for lots of advice :)

            looking at your site the first thing i notice is that the alignment is funky at higher screen resolutions. Even at 600x800 you have some horizontal scroll which is generally a booboo. Remember that your website is subject to interpretation by your surfers computer settings... they may have very slow internet connection, weird screen resolutions, and even javascript and flash turned off in their browsers... not to mention browsers vary widly in how they parse html and css.

            I would put the css at the top of your code into a css file and call it that way... it just makes things a bit nicer for googlebot to not have to go through all that code.

            oops, now that i look at it you might not have much control over any of that... thats kinda one of the problems with having a templated solution like that. See if they can fix the alignment issues and possibly look into getting a merchant account yourself and then installing oscommerce on a hosting plan you get for yourself. Its not that expensive and its definately not that hard to do - if you need help you always have it here.
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              A_Ellicott Adventurer
              I'll second the comment, the alignment was funky for me too. Except for that, it seems to be pretty easy to navigatge and find stuff. That feature is not as common as it should be in shopping on the web.

              Why do you have the Concord NC weather on your site? I'm assuming that if you are selling online you are trying for a nationwide customer base. I really don't care what the weather is in NC. Instead of the weather you might look into getting some type of RSS feed on weather or other emergencies. There's almost always a flood, tornado, or fire somewhere in the country. You might consider putting that on your site under the heading "News" to reinforce the idea that everyone needs to be prepared.

              The "Things You Should Know" information should be more prominently displayed with a button at the top. I almost didn't come across it. Giving that information more prominence reinforces your message that you want to help me prepare, that you care, that I need to be prepared, etc... I suggest you put some effort into this section for those reasons. Done right, I think such information could really help you with search engines and help project the image you're aiming for.

              It's so ironic to find this. After Hurricane Katrina I toyed with the idea of doing a site just like this. I did a little invetigating but ultimately I decided I didn't have the time. So I wish you the best of luck in pursuing my dream!" alt="" alt="" alt="" alt=":)" />" />" />" />
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                John_6x6 Adventurer

                I'm sorry to say it needs help! As mentioned already, the site doesn't really display well at all. Poor alignment and image quality make it look... well... not very trustworthy to a potential customer. I'd seriously look for a new store script or try to revamp the one you have now. The code in this is a mess unfortunately and most likely the cause of your display issues.

                There are hundreds of low cost ecommerce store templates out there that are much better scripted and have validating XHTML code. Display issues go away with proper code. If you really are serious about long term growth, I'd take the punch now and get it over with. It will save you money later on. Just my two cents, nothing personal." alt="" alt=":-)" />" />
                Best wishes with your growth.
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                  websolutions Tracker
                  Here is my advice:

                  1. Move the body of your site to the left
                  2. Move the 8 categories of products to the top of the body (centered)
                  3. Use a slide show of your produts where your 8 categories are currently located
                  4. Add HackerSafe Seal
                  5. Add BBB Seal
                  6. Add customer testimonials
                  7. Add a customer service phone number and email, possibly live chat
                  8. SEO the site or use Adwords to drive relevant traffic


                  This is a short list, there are tons more you can do...

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                      intechspecial Ranger
                      Welcome to the community!

                      I will take a more in depth look at your website at a later time, and forward my professional opinion.


                      Michael Stratton,

                      Integrity Technology Specialists
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                          Kontent_King Newbie

                          Don't start to build a customer base until your website is fully setup and prepared to start making sales on autopilot. You don't want to start getting visitors while you're still in the creation process. Take a step back and improve your website based on the advice you're getting here in this thread first. Test and tweak it a few times and come back to get our opinions. When the creation and automation processes have been completed, that's when you can promote and build your customer base.
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