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    How do I start a payrol for my only 1 employee?

    MillionMaker Newbie
      I am a real estate agent. I am in the process of hiring my first assistant. How do I go about paying her without signing up with a payrole solution? Is there a "do it yourself" package out there I can read/purchase? What should I estimate for the taxes I have to pay per every $ I pay my new assitant? If I pay her $35,000 a year, how much taxes and what kind of taxes should I pay to IRS? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How do I start a payroll for my only 1 employee??, Welcome

          Tell us more. Tell us about your business, where you are located and how long you have been in business.

          As far as payroll you the employer, are responsibile required by government agencies.
          These agencies include federal, state and/or local. Some of the
          responsibilities include withholding amounts from your employees'
          compensation to cover income tax, social security, and Medicare.

          Do you have an Accountant?? All employees MUST fill out a form saying how many exemptions to withhold.
          There are many books, some FREE from the govt, telling you how much to withhold.
          There are also outside payroll services that will do your payroll.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            A_Ellicott Adventurer
            By far the simplest method is signing up for a payroll service. I'll go ahead a give a plug to Bank of America and say that their's is pretty easy and simple. However, that could be a little pricy for just one employee.

            One problem with "do it yourself" packages is that they may not address your specific industry or location. While there are federal employment laws, each state has its own unemployment taxes, some states have state income taxes, some don't etc.

            If you want to do it yourself, consider some type of "staring your own business" course. By that I don't mean some get-rich-quick scheme advertised on late-night TV. I mean a real seminar. Community colleges, chamber of commerces, government agencies, tend to put these types of classes on periodically for people just like you. My local community college does a day-long Saturday session with a lawyer and IRS representative.
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              BetterMeInc Wayfarer
              I have come across many great options for handling payroll for a few employees. I hesitate to give a blanket answer as this is a very important area to get right. There are many laws in place that you must be in compliance with if you are going to hire an employee.

              I would love to speak with you one on one to give you more specific guidence; however in a nut shell here is the short answer:

              As mentioned in previous response, Bank of America has an excellent payroll service through ADP. I highly recommend going that route.

              However if you are looking for a less expensive can pay your employees through Bank of America's Business online banking service as well. Your banker can show you how to set it up. If you are going to go the "do it yourself" route; be sure to get a CPA's advice on the proper paperwork to be completed and taxes to be paid.

              Bank of America's online payroll service is excellent in that it requires you to complete information to make sure you have your legal i's dotted and t's crossed. Bank of America is not the only bank with online payroll service; it was the first I saw and they tend to be ahead of the game on technology...I'm sure you agree as we are both on this site" alt="" alt="" alt="" alt="" alt=":)" />" />" />" />" />

              There are a number of other payroll services and some that are free. But unfortunately with software the old adage, "you get what you pay for" is true. There is also a way to sign up for ADP payroll services through Microsoft Accounting; it's a little more confusing to go that route. I recommend starting with the bank.

              If you don't find your answers or an affordable solution please contact us and we will be happy to provide further direction.
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                MillionMaker Newbie
                Dear Luckiest, BetterMeInc and Ellicot,
                Thank you so much for taking time to reply to my question. I agree that I should sign up with a payrole system. I talked to one in my area and in my openion the overhead for only one employee is not justified. I am going to look up my local colleges for a course on this. Thank you so much.
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                    BetterMeInc Wayfarer



                    You are very welcome! But I must apologize if I missed your true need. I assume you do already have a business account. I know that Bank of America provides a very affordable solution through their Online Business Suite. Here is the link . There is a monthly fee but it is minimal and I think even free if it is under 20 employees and direct deposited. If you are not familiar with the online banking service again chat with your banker. If you have your business banking through another bank, they may provide a similar service. If you don't have your business account yet, you should start there.


                    I have taken many of the classes you are speaking of and they provide a lot of knowledge but you will still be left needing an actual service that is easy and affordable. They are also not usually free but rather additional income opportunities for the college.

                    We provide free consulting and a wealth of resources on great services and products. Please contact us if you need more detailed support.


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                      BetterMeInc Wayfarer
                      Did you ever look into the Bank of America online payroll? I sent you the link. How has your payroll solution worked out?

                      You can visit me at if you have more specific quesitons. We chat live daily from 9am-11am.


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                      SOLUTIONSHR Wayfarer
                      Your best bet is to outsource your payroll processing activities to ensure that everything is done accurately and on time. I am a partner in SOLUTIONS Human Resources and one of the services we offer is payroll processing. If you would like a free quote, contact us at 800-928-7449 or via email at

                      Thanks, Greg