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    need help to open sandwich shop or gourmet deli in atlanta

    vassilev74 Newbie
      MY dream is to have a coffee/sandwich shop and or deli.I have worked in the food industry for quite long time.And i think is time for me to start something on my own.I have the concept for my place.THe thing is that i don't know how to start.Do I need a business plan first?Or to find the location ?
      I know that i need money .May be i should start with the sandwich shop in office building and go from there?
      I don't mind to have a partner to take care of the financial part of the business.I am flexible and very hard working person.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need help to open sandwich shop or gourmet deli in atlanta, Welcome

          One should always follow your dream. You know the food industry.

          Start by visiting SCORE. SCORE is FREE. You can visit them in person or on line.

          They will help you with a Business Plan and your dream.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Milleisen Scout

            I've owned 2 businesses. The first I bought, the 2nd I started from scratch. The first did well and I was able to double my investment. The 2nd crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. The lesson I learned was that if you can find a strong business with a following, buy it! Building a business from nothing requires exponentially more time and effort than buying an existing operation. You should look at a business broker website to get an idea of what these businesses are selling for. I know from experiece that Deli's and Pizzerias are among the most listed businesses, which could create a good buying opportunity for you. The trick is to buy the business that is profitable and not one that is failing (and the owner is trying to unload their headache on someone else). I work with buyers to analyze businesses that are for sale. If you choose to go this route and want help, my contact info is in my profile.
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                vassilev74 Newbie
                what do you think about coffe/sandwich shop in office building?i know that for this tipe of operation i can get money.Is it worth it?I think that in a office building i will be limited but i will have flow of people.I know that i can do good.
                P.S. Thank you for your input
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                    Milleisen Scout
                    Its hard to say whether your idea will work, only because I don't know the building or what kind of competition you have.

                    In general, the deli business is hard because margins are low, competition is high, and hours are long. I'm not trying to discourage you, but rather I'd like you to think about what you bring to the table that will differentiate your business and keep them coming back.

                    I had an experience with an ice cream shop not too long ago. Was a decent location, good presentation, good service, and it still failed. The thing about opening a business is that even if you think you do everything right, there is no guaranty of success. If it was 100% fool proof, everyone would do it.

                    I think you can be a success at your business, but remember to give people a reason to go to you and keep coming back!
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                  You need to start with creating your business plan. Done properly that will help you determine whether your idea has an opportunity to succeed if you can execute your plan.

                  Restaurants/Sandwich shops etc. are obviously highly competitive and have high failure rates - so it pays to do your preparation work before you start spending money. Part of developing your plan will include looking at good locations for the business; obviously some will be better than others and often the area (along with the quality of your service and food) can dictate whether your generate enough business to stay in business.

                  A good business plan is something that funding sources and/or prospective investors are going to want to see so that should be your priority at this point. Once you have your plan done, if it is solid and the business a viable opportunity and if you have good credit you may be able to get bank funding if you have the right collateral that they'll probably want. If not then there may be other funding possibilities you can explore but again, first thing you need to do is get your plan down on paper, run the numbers and evaluate everything in detail. You want to "look before you leap". If you need help with your business plan check out the profiles of some of the professional responding to your post and that participate on this site. A number of them have a great deal of experience helping people start businesses.


                  Good luck and best wishes to you,
                  Dennis Lowery
                  Adducent, Inc.
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                    BizDevDiva Newbie
                    (I'm a marketing troubleshooter for small businesses and start-ups. One of my clients is also a nonprofit alternative lending group in NM that works with entrepreneurs who can't get tradiitonal financing)

                    First, do some sort of plan, even if it's just one page of paper. What are your goals? How much money do you need to make? (Pay yourself first) Why are you better than the competition? (Who is the competition?) and how are you going to market against them (or rather, to your customers.) (Tip: Advertising ain't all there is to marketing. Somethinas simple and low-tech as flyers in people's offices could be very effective...and offer delivery to the offices in the building, if you decide to locate in an office building.)

                    A bank or alternative lender (such as Accion) will require a plan anyway. However, the plan is incredibly important to you - keeps you focused and on track.

                    Lastly, before you lease space, run the numbers and be conservative. Simply opening a shop doesn't mean you'll get any business (regardless of the location). How long can you stay open, while business ramps up? Also, spend a lot of time evaluating the location - what else is there? Who drives by? When? How many cars are in the parking lot (and when)? One things Starbucks does is count the oil spots in the parking lot (seriously) as well as looks for proximity to things like dry cleaners.

                    Good Luck!
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                      dmckvt Wayfarer



                      Everything happens for a reason right??? :-)


                      I have two gourmet sandwich shops for sale in ATL.  One in Midtown, One in Vinings.  Both have great traffic flow and great existing catering customer base.  I have taken on a new career opportunity and want to move back to the Northeast in the next couple of years, hence my sale of the stores. 


                      I will sell them together or separately. 


                      In addition, because of new financial good fortune and new opportunity, I am looking to get out of them at a VERY reasonable price as soon as possible. 


                      In addition, I WILL consult for new owner for FREE of charge for buyer for a month if necessary.  My concept is very, very unique and gourmet, BUT could be catered to your specifications very easily.  Both locations are very desirable locations (Vinings/Midtown) where you can get away with higher prices for "gourmet" menu items. 


                      In short, it seems like I have what you are looking for and what you seek in terms of a fair price and expertise. 


                      I have owned both Sandwich Shops and the Catering Business for a combined 10 years and I know what I'm doing.


                      Both operations are turnkey, at a VERY fair price considering what I have put into them financially and come with an existing customer base! 


                      Possibly we should continue our discussion? 




                      p.s. the KEY, the KEY (i cannot emphasise this enough) to your success in this market is controling your food and labor costs.  rent is rent, utilities are utilities, equipment is equipment, but labor and food you can control...i know what each pickle chip costs me.  if anything else, please hear me on this point. 


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