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    Meeting minutes

    Indigo Newbie
      I've been a single member LLC for a few years. I just learned about keeping good records for my LLC Records Book (I know, that's bad on my part). I want to keep things organized and in compliance. Starting today I will write minutes of important items that need to be done in the LLC. But what should I do for the previous months? Shall I write those as well (like when I opened a bank account, purchased some equipment, etc)? I don't do all that much business, so I can think of only a dozen things that need to be written up. What do you think?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Meeting minutes, Welcome, Tell us more about yourself and your business.

          They often give an overview of the structure of the meeting, starting
          with a list of those present,
          a statement of the various issues before
          the participants, and each of their responses thereto.
          The minutes of certain entities, must be kept and are important legal documents.

          • Starting today you will write minutes of important items that need to be done in the LLC*.
          That is a great start, then go back and add all the important events that you mentioned.

          Yes it is hard to go back, the more important lesson is to start today and go forward.
          Over time the older items will be less important.

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            BizGuru Wayfarer

            Also, its always good to keep notes of everything you do and date them and keep them in your records. One simple tool you can use for online document management is Google Docs:

            You will need to create a google account to access it.


            Let me know if you have any more questions on this topic or anyting pertaining to running your business.