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    Finally found a potential investor

    YoungAndLucky Newbie
      I have been working on a business idea with a few friends for over a year now, which has turned into a great plan with many differentiating factors from our competitors. This has lead to great success in moving forward on our business plan, which has made it to the exciting level of investor ready. This entire process has been a learning experience for us, as it is our first company. I feel I know what to bring to the meeting "hopefully meetings" but in sake of better possibility of closure I feel I could use advice in how to prepare our company for showing. Me being 23, which most thing of as young "in the business world", I want to wow the possibility of profitability to the investor which crosses out the fact that I am a young entrepreneur. We already have a gaurantee to move forward in the chance of doing business, now I have to sell the investor on why we need the certain amount of money that we need. Which leads me to the full question, what is it that I bring to the first meeting that might decide our companies fate? Thanks you for all of your future responses, as any responses could help.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Finally found a potential investor, Congratulations.

          *You have posted *in the past and have NOT shared any info about yourself of your business idea
          *except that it is different from the competitors and that you are from **Austin,

          Working on a business idea leads to a business plan, which is a learning experience.
          *Your question "what is it that I bring to the first meeting that might decide our companies fate".*<br /<br />Suggestions. Hopefully your Business plan includes a 1)"Marketing Analysis", 2)"A report Analyze your
          Competition" 3)"How your company will Create a Competitive Advantage" 4)A Cash Flow Report.
          5) How and When your company plans to pay back the investor

          Do you have a Lawyer and An Accountant on your team and finally what do you know about THIS
          investor and his / her background??

          YES, MORE HOMEWORK, Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            I found your post after I answered your question.
            • It tells me a lot more about you and your thinking*

            Re: Business Start Up Aug 9, 2008 3:31 AM
            I feel as if I could assist you in this topic, as I have turned a idea
            with friends into a investor ready business plan and have now found a
            investor. Is it going to be just you starting this company or is there
            a team of entrepreneurs? The reason I ask is that I found it easier
            when running into to road blocks to have a "support" team to continue
            the process moving forward. The first thing I would do is to right down
            different ideas of how you are going to differentiate yourself from
            competitors and when you feel you have enough then look into getting a
            template for a business plan. If this is your first business plan that
            you have written then prepare to read, then read some more. This
            process is a great learning experience. In the business plan you need
            to show numerous supporting factors in why you will succeed, as well as
            how you will market yourself to build company awareness. The financial
            side of the business plan needs to have a break even analysis, cash
            flow analysis, 1,3,5 year profitability analysis and other important
            factors of business. After succeeding at writing the business plan, I
            would move forward on finding a investor, most chamber of commerce's
            have investor list or access to investors. Also look to the internet,
            as it can lead to finding what your looking for. I will give you one
            idea which might help, if I understand what your company does then this
            might help you. I would go out and find companies that could potentialy
            need for someone to take photos of the service they completed to post
            in there portfolio, which again look to the chamber of commerce. You
            should already have the equipment to take professional photo's
            correct?, then move forward on companies that need this service which
            should bring in your unfound revenue. I cant say what companies need
            this service but there out there, this I do know. So remember to
            differentiate yourself from competitors and market everywhere.