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    Looking for Investor/Partner/Angel Funds

    Jcarl1230 Newbie

      I am looking for investors or a business partner. As a partner the person would never have to leave home. They can have as much or little effort as they want to put forth. Either way it can all be done for home. This is my baby and I am willing to do all the traveling and leg work. I have done a lot already. Unfortunately I feel it is so easy to make money when you have money. I have a child on the way and my wife does not want to take any unnecessary risk, no matter how small the risk would be. I know this business will be profitable. It will offer 2 features that will attract a different kind of merchant that ebay does. Once we have them, it snowballs. Just like ebay when they started with 100 items for sale. I will have almost 1000 to start.
      I am in the process of starting a new online business that will rival eBay. I have been to 10 flea markets and have 855 people whom have agreed to try the site (as sellers) when it is ready. They will get 3 months free, so I can get people to the site with the sellers in place. Project on hold until I can get some financial backing. The site development is expensive. I am looking for either investors in increments of 5,000 dollars. I am willing to take on 1 partner for a larger sum. I have businesses that have agreed to buy space on the page, but the agreements are for once the site is up. Financial payoffs will be quick once the site is launched. My plan will bring profits in 3 months after site launch. With the right funding that will allow me to advertise also, will bring huge returns. Willing to discuss more after a confidentiality agreement is signed that I will have my lawyer write up.

      If you or anyone else who reads this want more information or has questions please dont hesitate to contact me! I added my email. I will talk on phone as well, just dont want to post it for all to have here, but if you prefer it email me and I will call or give you my numbers/fax.

      I hope to hear from you soon,
      Janaka (John) Carl