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    The 2008 Olympic Games is underway!

    SBC Team Guide
      Hello Community,

      The 2008 Olympic games has officially kicked off.

      What country are you from?
      What athlete will you be cheering for?
      Do you have a favorite event?

      The SBOC Team
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          snipperred Scout
          Hi! Yes, I am excited about the Olympics too.

          I am from the U.S.

          I generally look at all the athletes to see who demonstrates the highest level of performance- regardless of country. There have been occasions where you see someone come close to perfection. With all the pressure, and the delay between Olympics, this makes for some great entertainment.

          I don't have a favorite event. I usually single out a favorite memory. If I recall correctly, my favorite moment last Olympics was when one female gymnast seemed to sprain her ankle really badly on her first try. Then she got back up and went for it. I thought it was amazing and truly inspirational. Hope this year brings more great moments.

          Obviously, when I see Americans coming through I get even more excited.

          Here's a tip for the members of our SBOC- you can get an embed code for the Olympics "widget" and RSS feeds to put on your website as another benefit to your internet patrons. You can check out my site to see it in action or just go to the official Olympics website (footer).


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            swimshopchina Wayfarer
            hey,my friend,i am form china,it is wonderful to see the games unveiled yesterday,we are all excited,and china got its first medal today,haha.really happy to hear that news,wish your own people good luck in China.
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              MetroGal Adventurer
              I'm from the U.S. What an amazing ceremony last night! All the choreography & technology. I fell off my seat when I saw how the torch was lite. Amazing. Go Bejing! My favorite sport to watch is gymnastics.
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                Howard Adventurer

                Did people watch the Olympics yesterday - way to go Phelps. And what about the "world's fastest man?" - - he didn't even look like he was trying hard. Simply amazing.
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                  Bluesuit Adventurer
                  I watched the women's swimming to see Torres miss the gold by a hundredth of a second. Talk about close.