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    Career Opportunity

    Business101 Newbie
      If you looking for a better opportunity or another way to make more money. If you an entrepreneur already and want to make extra money a month. EARN AS YOU LEARN! Make $8,000- $12,000 P/T and over $12,000 F/T a month. We are seeking Real Estate Investor Trainees that are money motivated and willing to learn. If you think thats describe you! Call 1-866-505-7575.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Career Opportunity, Welcome Sasha

          Everybody is looking for a better oppertunity to make more money.

          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help.
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              CoolHandMatt Wayfarer
              You know Ive never had good experiences with SCORE. It just seems to be the same thing over and over. the counselors just regergitate the programs they have available on the internet. Other than that I have never got an meaningful business advice from anyone at SCORE. Sorry its just the truth.
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                  Business101 Newbie

                  Im not nothing like score. I dont know what score is and dont want to know because it dont look right. Thanks for warning me. Well my business opportunity is real and it changes a lot of people life. Just recently the CEO of our company just got call by the president for his ideas, to help our economy in the US. So the business is getting big and this is the best time to join. All you doing is help people change their life by helping them making a lot of money. While learning how to do Real Estate. THE RIGHT WAY! I know Real Estate market is down now, but this is the best time for it. Notice that how I type THE RIGHT WAY. Yes, you learn how to do it while making a lot of money on the side.

                  I see that you looking for a good business and had a bad experience with the Score. Thanks again for warning me about them. This business is a home base business but you are never along. I dont know where you from or living at right now but I know that I could send you to a local meeting. To meet and network with other people thats in this business.Thats doing very well in this business.

                  If you let me show you the way. I promise you will ask me " Where you been all my life?", "What took you so long to find me?". Well here I am !. I enjoy helping people. Are you the next one, Let me know.
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                      CoolHandMatt Wayfarer

                      I never meant that you were like SCORE. SCORE is a small business resource that is here in the USA and in my experience is not very good. But they are free so many people use them. Its a program funded by the SBA.

                      As far as your business goes, real estate is always a good place to go to make lots of money. Especially while the arket is down. I however already operate my own business and own a few rental propteries. I was wondering have you ever considered finding some cheap internet advertising to spread your product? Do you currently spend any money on marketing? Just a question. Again if you might be interested in some super reasonaable internet ad's give me a call and we can talk.

                      Thanks again
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                    AutismSmile Wayfarer
                    I am going to the Score website. I tried to get on last night and it was busy, that tells me that there are many people checking it out. In today's economy we need to follow every lead, especially when someone like Luckiest on this site is recommending it.