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    Any Good Marketing Media for Web Designers?

    RongDesign Adventurer

      How is everyone?

      Question for the successful web designers out there. What do you do to market your company. I am trying to market locally at the moment. I have the national audience and customers I want, but I would like to gain a little success in my local market.

      Do you use newspapers, Lamar billboards, Phonebook? What is the best way to gain the attention of people who are not looking for you? Have you ever used TV spots?


      Thanks in advance,


      Dave Moore @



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          JVCruz Adventurer
          Well, this is a good place to start. When you respond to a post (there are many about websites), leave your info as your signature.

          You may want to take on 1 or 2 sites for free and work out a deal on featuring your listing with a link (just a thought). Build your portfolio in such a way to gain exposure, experience and referrals. Submit articles on networking sites or blogs (like your story on here "Your Way To Young To Hire). Always leaving a calling card.

          Best of luck.

          JV Cruz
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            your_web_guy Adventurer
            personally i have found that networking is very effective... most chambers of commerce have networking groups and there are probably several others in your area which are independant as well... find one of those independant ones and offer to do their website for free. That way all of their members (who need websites too of course) will see your work :D
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              ITBrandy Newbie
              I just signed up to Small Business Online Community and I came across some of your posts and then your website.
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              Noah Glaser