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    How do i make flyers to promote my small business?

    Thestairshop Newbie
      I have a small business and was doing very well, things have slowed down and I need to advertise more in order to reach home ownwers who need to make changes to their stairs and rails. And custom make cabinets.
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          Milleisen Scout
          I've used an online company called VistaPrint. Their prices tend to be low and they ship very quickly. I've spend a few thousand over the course of the past few years and have always been satisfied. You can order a mass mailing, post cards, magnets that go on your vehicle, business name it, they have it.

          If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, my brother builds decks and he made a nice poster with pictures of his work, and ask friends and family who works at schools to post them in the teachers lounge or at businesses that they owned...all it cost him was the cost to make one simple poster. Many supermarkets have community boards where you can place a poster too. Like I said, pictures of your work are particularly effective.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            How do i make flyers to promote my small business?? Welcome Joyce

            You need to talk to SCORE. SCORE is FREE in person or on line

            SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit
            association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs
            and the formation,
            growth and success of small business nationwide.
            SCORE is a resource
            partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

            It was nice talking to you. SCORE can help you with a Marketing Plan.

            You can reach me at

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              webmasters Adventurer
              For the do it yourself type on a budget and for those who prefer a small learning curve
              I would download Openoffice: also check out :
              It's free and there is a program by the name of Draw thats included that will allow you to do simple design work.
              Open Office is a very good program developed by the same company who is responsible for the JAVA program scripting language platform.

              Remember, this flyer will represent you and your company and for some people it will be the first impression.
              So also consider using a good designer.

              Hope this helps.

              Warm Regards,
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                BizBurrito Wayfarer
                These are all great ideas. Might I add one more? If your flyer is REALLY simple, you can build it in Word, write your copy, insert some graphics (photos or clipart that you can get online), your logo, etc. You can either run them on your printer, or email it to Kinkos and they will print it for you. You can also put it on a CD and take it to the priner of your choice.

                When you get a chance, take a look at my'll find a lot of great information, marketing and advertising advice, articles, etc. all geared to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential. All the info is free.

                Best of luck!

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                  Printing "Flyers" is the "easy part".

                  The most important part to whom will you distribute your message.

                  The second most important part is the crafting the compelling response generating propostion that will generate a response you can use to make a sale.

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                    aleigh33460 Newbie
                    I found this really great new online company called Brand Doozie and you can sign up for free in the Beta format, BrandDoozie is the do-it-yourself marketing tool that provides start-ups and small businesses with instant online access to cohesive brand systems.

                    they are getting alot of really go press something to check out, and the best part is you can do everything from home, office online when you need to, and its great stuff to work with.
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                      newbizhelper Newbie

                      How simple or complicated do you want to get? You can design your own with an inexensive software program then either print them with your laser printer or you can have something designed and printed in four color with a glossy uv coating. It depends on your budget, the market you are trying to reach and the image you are trying to create. I was in the printing business for nearly twenty years and would be glad to help your further. I've been in other businesses for the last ten years but would be glad to help further, in fact that is what my brand new business is all about helping new businesses and small business. You can reach me through the contact page on my website

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                        MsKJade Newbie
                        Hello there. As far as the flyers go, are you looking to post them around, post them online, have them mailed out, or have them handed out? Flyers can be simple to make if you have the right software or contacts. If you'd like, you can also hire a service to do them for you and it doesn't have to be expensive. Sometimes people will market with postcards that can be automatically sent to people, without you having to do the footwork. I own the media production company, Can Be Directed, LLC, where I work with projects from small to over-size. If you'd like to talk further on this, please don't hesitate to ask, even if you don't use my services.

                        Email me -
                        LinkedIn Profile -
                        Twitter -

                        Looking forward to talking with you soon!
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                          docgenetics Newbie

                          I have found it extremely profitable and relatively inexpensive to make a list of all the places on line that you could advertise for free or for a very small fee. There are many sites that offer free advertisement as long as it is kept within a reasonable size, simple, and plain. It is advantageous,profitable and cost effective to have the business number, a short description of your services, in as many places available. The trick is not to use fancy letters, color, or a large space. I am not sure if examples are allowed in our BOA forum, but you can search using your browser for free advertisement for businesses. It is to the benefit of your business to have your business number in every available free site. Note: Always read carefully the rules because some sites offer a limit on the size of your advertisement, the letters allowed, the art, or colors that you could use to qualify for free advertisement. If you want bold letters, art, a larger space or color they could charge a fee. For me my business name, number and the services we offer have serve us well and have provided the business with a large clientele. I usually inquire on calls of potential clients as toward where they heard about us and I am impressed as toward the coverage and clients that our business enjoys because of free advertisement.
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                            MidSouth Newbie
                            In addition to all the great advice there is here you could make up some door hangers and walk through the neighborhoods you want to target and put out door hangers.

                            You can even print them yourself on your inkjet or laser printer. I have bought blanks before when I was in the mortgage business and did this with good results. I think this is the company I purchased the blanks from They come in different sizes. I used the three up and printed on both sides.

                            Design your ad front and back, print the blanks and then cut them apart.
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                              Analysight Newbie

                              Everyone here has given you good advice on whom to go to to create your marketing materials.

                              But I should stress that before you develop any marketing materials, you should first consider who your target market is. Different types of customers respond to different types of marketing media. Some types of customers respond better to direct mail, others to newspaper advertising, and still others to flyers.

                              For example, (given that you're in NJ) if your target market is high-income homeowners in Garwood, Westfield, and Chatham, you might try purchasing a mailing list of homeowners in those affluent areas and then sending them a brochure with a sales letter that encourages them to take action. You might run an ad in the local papers there.

                              You might also try referrals. Once you've completed a sale, ask your satisfied customer as specific question like, "Have you got a friend who might like to surprise his wife with the gift of elegant custom cabinetry?" This will likely get your customer to think of at least one person. If you ask vaguely, "Do you know of anyone else I can call?" most people will draw a blank.

                              Always remember, your target market should dictate your marketing promotions.

                              Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you.

                              Best of luck,
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                                besomethingne Newbie
                       is a great resource, you can just make one thing or get a several documents that all go together. And you get business card designs for free, they also can make coustum websites for you check out the one they made for me http://www.besom,
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                                  comedyclub2 Newbie
                                  I was browsing through and saw your post. My name is Anita and I'm the Manager for Juz Jokkin comedy club.. The owner usually has 5000-7000 4 x 6 postcard flyers..Full color and glossy printed up for our events and I know the cost is no more than $200. We have a design dept for our club and her Entertainment business.

                                  Nice flyers..You can actually see one that was designed for an event we just had recently at the club..

                         (go to this week)

                                  OR you can go the design site

                         to the graphics section. there is more info on printing costs.

                                  We have a company in Chicago that does ALL of our printing. They give us good rates so we share it with as many people as we can for a great price.

                                  We also have an info database that gives us over 50,000 opt in emails and 100,000 mailing address in ANY city/state. We usually use them twice a year.

                                  We purchase only the ones for IL, IN and WIS. The cost is $395.00 per state (some states are cheaper I think) but we need it because we have shows every week and we have comedy concerts in which we are attempting to sell out 2500-5000 it's worth it for us and the response is great!.

                                  The emails are valid and the mailing addresses are great! last week we sent out 1760 mailings and only 3 came back in which the residents had moved.

                                  If you would like more info on how to get info for your city/state..please feel free to email us @

                                  Hope this helps.
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                                      MarketSleuth Wayfarer
                                      I would highly recommend that you use a professional printing service to produce your flyers. Now, let me give you some copy writing and direct marketing techniques for writing flyers:

                                      The headline:
                                      The headline should fulfill several tasks: First, your targeted audience should know that you are talking to them, so make sure that the way in which you word the headline implies the audience it is aimed at. Secondly, your headline must show at least one useful aspect of your business, so that the people that see it understand that there is a benefit to reading what you have to say. The flyer's headline should suggest that you have some kind of solution or product that the target audience would want to feed their needs. In addition, the headline should be urgent and specific, and appeal to the targeted customers' enough that they want to read on.

                                      The body:
                                      Understand that the buying process is a multi-step process. Since you are using flyers, I am guessing that they are meant to attract the attention of consumers that possibly do not even know they have a need yet. So it is your job to suggest to them that they have a need. They have to realize that they need a solution to something if they are going to buy from you. Make the need clear. SHOW that you have a solution. For example, use a great visual of your product or service in action, or include a large, bold testimonial that someone gave for your business. When using flyers it is essential that you establish credibility almost instantly, so make the body easy to read or understand, just like the headline.

                                      Call to Action:
                                      You must very clearly tell the consumer to act now. If they don't act right away it is likely the never will, as a flyer only catches attention for a few minutes. Tell them to come in for a free promotional offer immediately, or something to that effect. Some benefit to acting should be immediately clear.

                                      Again, I would highly recommend using a professional printing service to produce your flyers.

                                      I have a Print Promoting website with tips and Printing Service Reviews. You should definitely check it out. Go to, and also, think about signing up for our FREE marketing newsletter. You will learn a lot about driving your sales through direct marketing!
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                                      timandren Newbie
                                      Be sure to consider variable data printing solutions. You can use this approach to personalize your communication down to the level of data you have about your audience. You can also print small quantities without paying the high prices of set-up for traditional printing.
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                                        LisaMorgen Newbie
                                        I've also used VistaPrint and found them to be an excellent quality at a low price. My question to you is why are you stuck in the 20th century? Have you thought of cutting costs even more and doing some sort of email marketing campaign? Check out Chili Sales at Creating a newsletter is really easy with their communications center and you can track customer preferences to find out what they really want and need. I find that creating and maintaining a personal relationship with my customers keeps them satisfied. If you make your customers feel valued and satisfied, they'll be your best marketing tool.
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                                          cardplanet Newbie
                                          We offer graphic design service and full color flyer printing. Right now, get 5000 4x6 printed full color 2 sides for only $99. If you call us at 877.797.8096, we can offer you half off on graphic design. Our design samples are all over our website. We would love to assist you with your project.