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    Payroll not received

    ELSSUIT Newbie
      My husband and I were intendng to buy 25% into and eventually buy 100% an LLC long term. Even though verbally it was understood we were at least 25% owners due to business brought and sweat equity, the partners would never put it in writing, no articles filed, no agreements signed. During time we were paid pay checks and received W2 for 2007, no 1099 issued. After pushing, we found out lies, another owner % was greater, just lie after lie. We went weeks without pay. Then they wanted to sell 100% thsi year and when we made offered they fired us. We are now sueing them in civil court for 4 weeks of salary not received. They say that as we were "owners" they do not owe us our salary? We have now been unemployed 12 weeks and can not afford atty. Are they required to pay us salaries not received? It was our intention to be an owner, but it never happened on paper.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          You don't mention where you are located. Your claim will likely be governed by state laws -- so you might add that information in case someone in your state has experience or insight that would be relevant.

          It sounds like you have a legitimate case, so contact an attorney who specializes in employment law. He or she will be able to tell you quickly (i.e., in a free consultation) if your state Department of Labor investigates such cases, or if you'll need to go to court. In many states, you are allowed to sue not only for wages owed, but for all attorney's fees, as well (and the attorney will obviously know that) -- so don't let the potential cost of legal representation keep you from at least seeking some professional advice from an attorney up front.

          Welcome to the community and good luck!