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    B2B Credit

    StPaparazzi Newbie
      I have been contacted by B2B Credit numerous times about getting business credit how do you know when these services will help or not?
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          B2B Credit, Welcome. How long have you been in the photogtaphy business??


          Trade credit exists when one firm provides goods or services to a customer
          with an agreement to bill them later, or receive a shipment or service
          from a supplier under an agreement to pay them later. It can be viewed
          as an essential element of capitalization in an operating business
          because it can reduce the required capital investment to operate the business if it is managed
          properly. Trade credit is the largest use of capital for a majority


          There are many forms of trade credit in common use. Various industries
          use various specialized forms. They all have, in common, the
          collaboration of businesses to make efficient use of capital to
          accomplish various business objectives.


          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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            BizCreditGuy Newbie

            A consulting firm will end up charging you around $1,200 for their services. Truth be told, you can do it yourself and keep the $1,200 to make purchases and pay your business credit obligations. I bought just about every e-book on the subject and spoke with B2B and other consulting firms. In the end I bought Principles of Building Business Credit (at and Great book. After a few months I had an 80 Paydex and several accounts. It will take time to get up to leasing cars and big office equipment, but I got there after about 18-months just following the book.

            With a consulting firm, you still have to apply for accounts, you still have to make purchases yourself and you still have to make on-time payments. They just "guide" you through the process. The Principles did the same thing for me. Save money and buy the book.

            Good luck!
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              BetterMeInc Wayfarer

              Agreed, we tried this service. They didn't do anything for our company that we could not have done ourselves. For a detailed synopsis you will have to contact us directly. In the end it is just diligence, budgeting, following your plan and reviewing it often that will help build and keep good credit. There is no get rich quick majic pill for credit. If you have the funding to pay for such a service put it aside or invest it in other areas of your business such as marketing, technology or human resources.

              Please feel free to visit our site and contact us via email, phone, social network, or im for more free, no obligation "sugar free approach to coaching." We would love to heare from you and find out more about your business.


              The Social Entrpeneurs


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                Milleisen Scout
                I've been in lending for 8 years and dont ever recall using a business credit report as a factor in approving or denying credit. Personal credit is much more important since most small businesses have to personally guaranty everything anyway. Save your money for something that will actually help your business succeed.
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                  ShelfCorp Newbie
                  Thank you to all who have me contacted from this thread! I look forward to working with you.

                  B2B Credit Source

                  800-906-7706 x219
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                      GrowthCurve Adventurer
                      A couple of questions...

                      First, are you an affiliate or an employee?

                      Your company's Web site clearly says that it's not a lender or a broker, so how exactly is it that you're offering unsecured business lines of credit?

                      Also, your Web site has an Atlanta office address among its three addresses. I emailed the property manager for Suite 500 at that building, and she's never heard of B2B Credit Source.

                      Any ideas?
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                          BetterMeInc Wayfarer

                          Interesting point GrowthCurve. Thanks for sharing that with the group.

                          I would love this conversation to continue and to see how everyone's experiences turn out. Although ours was horrifying, maybe others who have more money to throw out the window will do better.


                          I received a phone call from someone wanting to know my experience with this company. I will be happy to share directly with anyone who would like to send me contact information that can be verified. I am not in the business of putting out negative information on companies just because my experience was bad. I am also not in the habit of being suckered into talking to people who use this site as a way to collect information and send people spam or try to get sensitive info.

                          If you truly want my specific advice then you may contact me directly via a number of sources:

                 (many contact us options)
                 (free coaching group)
                 (radio show to help you make decisions about how not to get scammed)
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                        ikongroup78 Newbie
                        I can tell you the truth about B2B credit... I used them for approximately four months or so. I used their services under the premonition that they would be able to help me get credit without using me as a personal grantor. As you are a business that is starting up.... that is far from the truth. They had me first getting tradelines with companies that helped me in no way. Some of the people did not even report my net 30 accounts to DNB. I checked my credit via Experian business and DNB and out of the 4 tradelines that B2B set me up with... only 1 was actually reporting. So I was in more debt losing another 125 a month and no one reporting. They applied at different places saying I would not need to use my personal scores, but each time they applied with someone they asked for a personal signee. Staples, OfficeMax, Gas cards, etc. When it came down to real companies extending credit.. it was not how the salesman described it to me. I had questions that I needed answered and sometimes they did not answer them back. They switched reps on me. It was a little bit much.