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    Need help with ideas!

    yorkiebarker Newbie
      My daughter and I own Mada-Dada Marketing, Inc. (Mother-Daughter), which is our parent company. Right now
      we have one e-commerce web site up and going (
      where we sell pain relief products. It is small but getting there and
      we have had good response to it. I know we have some more work to do on it, and if anyone has any comments we would appreciate it. We were also told that we need to have a logo for branding. My problem is the cost of haveing one developed. I believe I was quoted $900.00 to $2,000.00, which is out of our reach right now. Any ideas?

      Another thing we need help with are some good ideas
      for other sites we would like to develop. We seem to get into a rut
      when we are trying to find the right products to promote and sell.
      Does anyone have any good product ideas. I would like to get another site up and running soon, so that I will be ready long before the end of the year.


      I am a caregiver for my husband and my mother so being able to work from home is a blessing for me. My daughter has two small children and we are hoping that we can make this buisness grow enough so that she can be a stay at home mom and tht way be able to put the necessay time in to helping develop the buisness. This has been a very exciting learning experence for us and even though we have learned a lot, we still have a lot more to learn, especially in the ever changing ecommerce buisness.
      I hope someone can help.
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          Storybook Newbie
          I don't know that you need to invest in a logo right now. I checked out your website and the font and size that you have used is logo enough for right now; especially if money is a concern. Consistency is the key, so just use the same thing on your materials and you will be fine. If you feel like you need a full-blown logo; you might post an ad at your local college to get great artwork at little or no cost. It benefits the student because they gain experience working with a "client" and can add it to their portfolio. Another option is to find a good tattoo artist. If you can get past the stereotype, you may find that there are some amazing artists who just love to create meaningful designs - which is exactly what you want in a logo. Another option is to trade services with a graphic artist. They design your logo free or at a reduced fee, and in exchange, you provide a logo ad (125 x 125 pixel) that links back to their site. By advertising their services on your website, you help them to build their business,which may ultimately generate more income for them than if you had paid the full price.

          In terms of finding additional products to launch, I would suggest dovetailing with what you've already got going. The most obvious is to look at why people need relief from pain (stress, overweight, activity, etc.) and determine the common causes that lead to these conditions. If you can isolate some scenarios, you can write some e-books to offer alone or you can package it with your existing products. Additionally, if you are offering pain relief products for the body, you may decide to offer other "healing" products for the mind and spirit. This could be items like music, candles, incense, hypnosis CDs, books, meditation programs, etc.

          To spur you on the road to more ideas, I recommend reading Guerilla Marketing for Free by Jay Conrad Levinson.

          Hope this helps,


          CEO, The Secret Gratitude
          "Helping you awaken to the YOU you were always meant to be."
          Contact me for Business/Personal Transformation Coaching
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            snipperred Scout
            Oooh! I like the massage shoes!

            Some good advice. Hmmm. I would stay away from the fibro- market. I know it's appealing but I think it closes doors for you. I bet there are more who are focussed on the medication route. A lot of physicians are struggling with the abuse on this issue for a variety of reasons. There are also a variety of solutions being employed you could be a part of.

            Your demographic and specialty in marketing suggests to me you could offer some affordable services for other stay-at-home moms. I think there is something to the mother/ daughter aspect you could build off of.

            Take a look into elderly who suffer from demobilizing pain and have a hard time mentaly interacting and physically utilizing the internet. If you could lend them "a hand" with remote access navigation, Dragonsoft/ Skype applications, and customize an online experience catering to their interests and needs- then you will have effectively openned up a broader direct market. You're just in time for the baby boomers. I have some ideas for you that I have been working on if this sounds interesting. Unfortunately, they're at the bottom of my list of ideas to execute. I would need someone else to execute them for me. Based on what I've learned about you so far, you might be the right fit. I have some beneficiaries in mind that I was thinking of developing the service for.

            Another idea; draw up a quick "generic" mada dada logo xX as such and then use your taste in photography to incorporate a multitude of pics within that same theme to reinforce your brand. Let's talk. Contact info on my profile.
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              j.barkley Wayfarer
              i do logo's!!!
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Need help with ideas!!

                Great name Mada-Dada Marketing. How long have you been in business??

                Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help get you out of your rut.

                You can visit SCORE online or in person.

                Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                  Milleisen Scout
                  I've used a company called Their customer service is terrible, but they do good work and the price is right. For a single logo they only charge $25. If you want multiple files types it can cost about $100. I've used them a few times and always like the result.
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    Do YOU believe you need a professionally-designed logo? (Let's say your operating margin is 25 percent. Will having a professionally-designed logo cause you to sell another $8K in product that you would not have received otherwise?)

                    If so, then your problem is finding the $2K to invest in a logo. Sorry, I can't help with that.

                    If not, then your problem is finding a less expensive alternative. One of the lowest cost options is to search royalty-free stock photo and image websites. You can enter search terms that match the theme you're looking for (e.g., "health," "relief," etc.) and see if you can find a pleasing image. You can use any inexpensive photo editing software (or even the Paint accessory in Windows) to add your firm's name and create a de facto logo. Downloading and licensing the image you select will probably cost you anywhere from $1 to $10 -- just be sure the license allows that type commercial use (most do, but not all).

                    Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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                      JVCruz Adventurer
                      Hello and good luck to you on your business venture.

                      First off, lots of good suggestions. Here's a few thoughts of my own:

                      1. Logo: Are you wanting a logo for your site or for your company? If for your site, I would just take a picture of stones (i.e. stones that are used in massage therapy) and place the first letter of your site on each stone (i.e. P, R, P). Keep the font though. If the logo is for your company, I would just use a play on the word or lettering. This can all be done by yourself, your daughter and/or any family member. Brainstorm and come up with different designs.

                      2. Site: On site design, I would use CSS or something to keep the layout and format consistant. On some pages (i.e. when you click on the Ultrasonic Aromatherapy link from the Home page) your page is over extended and you have to use horizontal scroll to see the rest. Reduce some of the font sizes, or have the ability for the customer to change the font size to their needs. Default font size should be about 10. On the Home page you have 20 -60% off, but off what? I assume MSRP or is it a sale from your prices. May not be a big difference -- not sure. Under Privacy link, maybe separate the Terms of Use into another page. Also, Terms of Use general refers to someone using the site, its info and content provided on the site (i.e. By using the website (herein, "Site") constitutes your agreement to these Terms of Use (herein, "Agreement"). If you do not agree with this Agreement, please do not use the site. ....etc.)

                      3. Other products: I not sure what else you could offer besides what you have. The other suggestions sound great (i.e. candles, music, etc.) You may want to have a Service offering. See about advertising for Licensed professionals in your area or nationally. Just a thought.

                      JV Cruz
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                          yorkiebarker Newbie
                          My partner and I are thrilled with the helpful responses, thanks so much. You have given us great ideas on logos and what our possibilities are. I am sure we can come up with something ourselves without the big investment. We are go to take all the suggestions and work through them. Brainstorming is a very important part of busness planning and we needed to have additional brains to storm with other than the two of us. So you all are really helping with the brainstorming aspect.
                          Some great suggestions on where to go for logo info, thanks

                          We do feel that the name Mada-Dada Marketing has some merit and once people understand what it stands for think that it is a clever name. We definately would like to explore promoting that name.

                          To answer "Luckiest", we have officially been in busness since last August, but did not get our web site up and running until December 2007. Did not know about SCORE, but will check it out.

                          To "JVCruz" your suggestions about our site design is sooooo helpful. We have been working with a SEO company and have requested that they give us some critical feedback, but to no avail. My screen is wide and I have had problems getting each page to come out the same. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are using Stores On Line which gives us a template to follow but we have to input everything and as I mentioned, we have learned (self taught) everything about programing as we've gone along.

                          I hope I can still count on everybody's help in the future, as I know I will need it. But at least now I feel that I have somewhere to go for advice and maybe I won't get into a situation that can cause me more stress. THANKS EVERYONE!!!
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                          CoolHandMatt Wayfarer
                          Hey Id be glad to offer you my services. I run a website called but I do simple Graphic Design work on the side.I keep an ad up on craigslist that you can take a look at. Let me know cus I could prob use the money and you need the work so im sure we can work something out.

                          Heres the link:

                          Thanks again
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                            Jcarl1230 Newbie
                            I create logos, I am currently setting up a low cost site for logo development. The price is only $250.00, and you only pay if you are satisfied. I also have a plan that if you allow me to use you as a reference on my upcoming site, you get a $50 dollar discount and again only pay if you are satisfied.

                            I have a handful of logos I have already designed for Non Profits and commercial sites I can show you.

                            If you or anyone interested is reading this feel free to email me directly for quicker responses..
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                              swimshopchina Wayfarer
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