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    Need A Loan For Wedding Shop (Floral)

    lemotdepasse Newbie

      Hello Hello ...Looking for a Loan to open up a Wedding Floral,Photography,Invitations%Corporate

      I work in the wedding industry over 7 years i have run my business out my home for the most part and my website and i'm looking forward to open up a Retail Store( Prime Location) i have very good credit history and no debt

      Anyone interested...please let me know

      Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need A Loan For Wedding Shop, Welcome

          I am always interested. How do I get in touch with you??

          Where are you?? Have you developed a Business and marketing Plan that I can read??

          How much money are you looking for?? How long??

          HOW AND WHEN will you pay me back?? LUCKIEST

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            lemotdepasse Newbie
            Hello & Good Afternoon LUCKIEST

            Glad you are interested

            Looking for 150000 dollars ...just a short term me so we can this further

            Italo (Eetalo)- 803-627-0852

            Thank you for your reply

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              Milleisen Scout

              If you are not already working with Luckiest, I'd be happy to assist in getting your business ready to seek financing. Based on the few details you provided (good credit, no debt), it sounds like you may be a strong loan candidate. If you are making the transition from home business to retail storefront, that's an exciting (and potentially costly) leap. Have you worked through all the numbers? Can the business afford rent, utilities, leasehold improvements? Banks will factor this in when looking at a request.


              How much are you looking to borrow? You'll ned to be able to articulate exactly what the funds will go for, as banks like to have hard evidence of potential costs (such as a contractor estimate for leasehold improvements).


              What's your goal for the business? How much growth are you looking to achieve by moving to a retail location? Based on the last few years, have you made an assessment of what kind of growth you can realistically expect? As they say, hope for the best, but plan for the worst!