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    Incentivized Freebie Websites

    Milleisen Scout
      Incentivized Freebie Websites: The art of getting paid by big companies to try their products.


      As you might be aware, big corporations have a lot of money, but at no point will they ever have enough to say "hey you know what, we made a good amount of dough so let's just sit on our butts and stop trying to bring in new customers". They have shareholders to answer to, which keeps an eternal flame burning beneath their hineys.



      So what does that have to do with a freebie website?


      Here's how it works: Advertisers, let's say Blockbuster Video for example, wants new customers to sign up for their services. Blockbuster has realized that "free trials" of their services lead to a certain amount of long-term customers. Blockbuster also knows that the public-at-large are fairly lazy, momentum driven individuals who will quite often forget or be too lazy to cancel a trial subscription and have you unknowingly become a profitable customer.


      So Blockbuster came up with a bright idea, _namely that they will pay out large sums of money _in order to attract people to try their products. But they don't pay it directly to you. Instead, they pay freebie websites to bring you in. The freebie website, in turn, pays people to bring referrals. In order to bring in referals, people have formed little communities where they all act as each others referrals and split the cash. Little confused? Let's do an example:


      My name is Bob. You are my friend, Sally. I, Bob, am an enterprising fellow and have found a "freebie website" just by looking around on the internet. The site tells me that if I sign up for a few offers (like a Blockbuster trial offer and an Ebay tutorial), then find a friend to do the same, they will pay me $60. So I e-mail you, Sally, and say "Hey Sally, I got offered $60 if I find a friend to sign up for some trial offers. How about you go sign up, and I'll split the reward with you". You, Sally, agree and I send you a link that tells the website that I, Bob, was the person who sent you there. Once you, Sally, complete the requisite number of offers, the website alerts me and pays me $60. And that's it. That's how Incentivized Freebie Websites work. They are basically paying people commissions to find referrals for their advertisers.


      Of course, there are many details associated with this kind of setup like:


      • making sure you cancel free offers before you get charged for a product you don't want,


      • most advertisers do require you to submit credit card info so they can start charging you in the event that you forget to cancel their service


      • There are limits to the numbers of offers you can sign up for, and you can't sign up for offers with companies that you already have an account with.


      • There are annoying things that you have to do with your computer to make sure you get proper credit for completing offer.


      I made a few bucks doing it, but it was a bit tedious for my taste. That said, I've spoken with people who love it and do it full time. The key is to be a person who is bringing in referrals, and not the person completing offers. It takes time to get there, but some people really love it and generate real income.