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    Webmasters & Developers, need your ecommerce opinions

    John_6x6 Adventurer
      Does anyone know where to find a simple SIM (simple integration method) PHP script and a form to use on my website?'s SIM guide isn't very clear, their sample code doesn't work, and I haven't found any good step-by-step guides for a service merchant type business setup.

      What I want is an on-site payment form to connect to my gateway. Sounds simple enough, but I need to allow for variable payments to be made monthly by clients after I invoice them, as well as offer fixed priced services. I haven't found a cart script that allows for service billing. Basically, the form I need must be able to allow the user to type in any $ amount, and/or pick a fixed price service item too. I'm looking at PHPAUTHNET SIM script for $40*.* The money isn't an issue either. What are your thoughts? Anyone been through this process themselves? I realize using the virtual terminal will work for this but I'm trying to automate this as much as possible.

      Thanks in advance for your time.