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    Hello, need advice on new hire salary/commisson structures

    L3Miami Wayfarer
      Hello everyone,
      I launched my company Live Love Lust, LLC - public relations and market management services on April 1st. I currently have 4 clients and am ready to add 2-3 more. As a result I need to start looking at hiring employees. For the immediate future I am looking at 1 or 2 people. Here is my challenge... I need options on how to structure commission based earnings, that will in time lead to a steady salary plus commission scenario. Any advice or options on how to structure this would be greatly appreciated. (structures that will appeal to an employee)

      I look forward to everyone's advice and suggestions.

      With much gratitude,

      Andrew Miles
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Hello, need advice on new hire salary/commission structures, Welcome

          Good luck with your new business. Hiring new employees is always exciting.
          Do you have a Federal I D Number?? How about an Accountant??
          I can help you structure commissions, but need to know more.
          You need to work on a Cash Flow Plan. You can also email me at

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            Interpreter Wayfarer
            Hello L3Miami,

            I'm not as close to hiring my first employee yet, but am very interested in finding out what other members respond with. I'm hoping to hire my first employee beginning of next year. Good luck and let us all know how it turns out!

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              JVCruz Adventurer
              Andrew, first off, congratulations on your success.

              When I went to your site, I am unsure as to the service you are offering (exactly), what can a client can expect, price for services, etc.

              As a commission structure: First, how does your company make money? Is it an ongoing fee or a one time fee? Is there any "add-on" fee for additional services offered (if any)? If clients pay on a monthly basis, a commission could be based on the life of the client relationship. As long as the client is a client and as long as the employee is an employee, a commission is received for obtaining the client and maintaining (or keeping) the client with the company. The rate of commission has to be based on how your company makes money and whether is residual or a one time fee.

              Basically, to get a better answer, we need to know more.
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                  L3Miami Wayfarer
                  Hello JVCruz,
                  Thanks for your response. My website is not completed. The join "the SLT" link is one of the services currently up and running, the link is actually part of an email attachment sent to my trade audience. I realize it is confusing given that there is no explanation or background for it. I am actually having my web developer either remove it or qualify its presence. I am interested to here your suggestions as to my question and will provide additional details shortly.
                  Thank for your time

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                  bizsaver Wayfarer
                  Everything regarding salaries and commissions starts with what is the norm in your industry...You need to find out what your competition pays and stay within that range. If this is an industry where good employees and sales staff are in demand, as a start-up you might have to sweeten the pot. Look at your profit margins, take out all your overhead and marketing expenses and really look at what you can afford to pay out. Regarding employee relations, you need to know what you are doing...Everything from the hiring proccess, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, every day work rules, company employee handbook and firing proccess must be documented or you're looking for trouble. I recommend you go to and get their BizOne package with all the employees forms and other very important documents in one folder. You should also check out the 14 Step Guide To Maximum Success! at my site, this could help you get to where you want to be.

                  Best of luck to you,

                  Gary Scaife, The Answer Guy
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                    Bridge Navigator
                    Not to be too off topic, but how does the company name relate to what you do?

                    Originally, I was under the impression you ran an adult-oriented website or something of that nature (sorry).
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                        L3Miami Wayfarer

                        Hello Bridge,


                        No apology necessary. I realize popular culture tends to define the word lust strictly as it relates to sexuality and to be quite honest I new this would occur but I kinda LIKED (decidedly past tense) the play on words, the psycology of it... blah, blah, blah.
                        The Lust in my company name refers to lust for life... desire, exuberance, etc.
                        Live Love Lust as it relates to some of the service programs offered by my company represents a key portion of the criteria used to determine a potential clients eligibility for representation. My advisory board & I select who we represent...& yes I have an advisory board but no staff?? Go figure. To date we have actually turned down one business requesting our service.
                        Live - affordable
                        Love - moderate
                        Lust - high end or eccentric

                        FYI... The reason I wont represent just any company who approaches me is because, not meeting the criteria as outlined, could prove damaging to the reputation of my company.

                        I hope this makes sense and more importantly, answered your question.

                        L3 Miami