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    Looking for More Cleaning Contracts,House,Apartment,Office,

    mrcheap Newbie
      I need to improve my advertising,sales and marketing plan. Is there anything free or affordable out there to help grow my Business. We Clean Houses,Apartment,Offices
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          puzzleman Tracker
          The first step is develop a marketing plan. It doesn't have to be fancy and all tricked out but you do need a basic road map of what directions you want to take.

          I have a few friends in the cleaning business. they do their marketing really cheaply as far as money but it does take time. They netowrk the heck out of it. they are always going to C of C meetings and such to meet with people. They also meet with realty agencies and building managers one on one to build relationships which lead to jobs.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            *Looking for More Cleaning Contracts, Welcome Mrcheap of **Lynnwood,

            YES SCORE is both FREE and affordable. SCORE can help you develop a Marketing Program.

            SCORE has a FREE learning center at with 26 FREE Courses

            including Conducting A Marketing Analysis.

            As a SCORE Counselor I would be happy to help you (FREE)

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              Milleisen Scout
              It's important to remember that marketing doesn't always mean flyers and newspaper ads, both of which can be costly. There are lots of creative ways to market your business...just one example...tell your existing customers that you are running a promo and they'll get 20% off their next cleaning service when they refer a friend or colleague. Or peruse Craigslist. Here in New York City, there are tons of people who are always posting that they need a cleaning person...its like shooting fish in a barrel! They key is to find a unique way to reach customers. In a world of over-exposure to everything, conventional newspaper ads just don't pack thesame punch that they used to.
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                CoolHandMatt Wayfarer

                What city are you in? I too run a small business (website called right now I'm looking to sell some advertising space on my site. In the future i place on selling this space for $100/month. Which might I ad and pardon the pun, is "Dirt Cheap" compared to almost all of these advertising agencies. But alas since my website is new just like your business I'm HIGHLY negotiable on what Ill sell this space for.

                There is a catch, First you have to be in a major city, if your not don't bother. Second you need to have an ad 180x150px which is a standard internet ad size. If you don't I might be able to help you design one for a few bucks. Third you should have a website to link the ad back to, this isn't 100% necessary but is highly recommended.

                Ok so take a look at the site and if your the least bit interested gimmie a call. I'll run your ad on my site for a month for whatever price you and i feel is fair. I'm an honest guy, ex-military, I'm not out to get anybody. But I do have a baby on the way :) and need to make some mutual sales. So i figure other small business owners like myself are who I should talk to.

                Oh and I need to ad that this offer extends to anyone else who reads this post or anyone you think might be interested.

                Thanks and i hope everything works out.

                PS I'm new here to the community so just wanted to say hi to everyone! I think this is the first place on the net where I've been able to read some really insightful business advice. Its a relief!
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                  ToniM25 Wayfarer
                  I offer free graphic design services if you ever need and new fresh print material for your business I would love to help you out.
                  Visit my website and let me know if I can help you out.
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                    BizBurrito Wayfarer
                    MrCheap, there is a lot of free information on my website geared specifically to small business. Everything from marketing and advertising info and advice, business leadership, business creativity, and much more. When you sign up for my free weekly ezine, you can also download an e-manual entitled "11 Quick Ways to Build Business." No strings, just great information. Hope it helps.

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                      eyeteam Wayfarer
                      We would like to offer you a FREE Directory Listing and a FREE Website that gets 250,000 hits per month to help you advertise your business to help you get more contracts as well as help protect you and your business.

                      Please go to and click on the "Watch Movie" tab and you can get the service there online. If you have any questions, please give me a call:
                      (770) 369-5263 Lisa.

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                        JeannieRios Wayfarer
                        I can help you with advetising to people in and around your area. My company offers great mailing list of new residents in your area who are looking for new services. You can purchase a mailing list at how much you can afford. so it fits your budget. Also I can give you a 30% discount, so let me know.
                        It is a great way to advertise to your community which is the best support in these times. We have to put the support back in our communities. Check out my profile or email: and I will help you with any info you need. There is also someone on this site giving free graphic design. You can have a great flyer made to send out to catch new customers eyes. Jeannie

                        good Luck