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    Need advice on business proposal for online pharma business

    krishna Wayfarer
      Hello Everyone,

      Good Evening. I am new to this forum and would need your opinion/feedback/suggestion on this type of Business. I live in US and recently I came across a business propoal from person who lives in china, where he can ship the generic drugs to the US mailing address. For that he needs to have a US company and also need a marchant account to accept the credit cards. For that, he is offering me some percentage. I did ask him..about what kind of drugs you are going to ship and where and he gave me an example ambient drug order for a US resident and for that customer, product will be shipped from china to US, but credit card trasaction will be done through the US company. Once US company gets funds, I need to transfer the funds. I feel something fishy, but wanted to check with you guys. I am trying to look is, is it legal to do that, if so, whom should I get in touch to have all the necessary formalities to make it that I don't need to worry about anything illegal. Please advice me.