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    How to find investors for your business


      Looking for money or investors for your business?


      Not sure how to find it, who to contact or what to say to them?


      We have something that can help you!


      Here's what one person recently told us:


      From: Clovice AHT
      To: dmlowery
      Subject: Re: Thanks for the information that you provided



      Thank you very much for the kind words of encouragement and the wonderful list of possible investors. We have researched all the organizations you provided and found quite a few to be good matches for us. We will keep your firm in mind when we are looking for funding at later stages of our development.


      Clovice A. Lewis, Jr. CEO


      This guide is designed for fast action; quick to read and easy to use!


      In it you get:


      Contact Letter Template and Follow-Up Letters


      You get an initial contact letter and two follow-up letters, templates that you can use when contacting potential funding sources for your business. A business professional with 26 years experience in funding, starting, buying and developing businesses crafts this letter; he knows what to say and how to say it. You can edit for your use ... over and over again.


      100+ Angel Investor Sites & Online Resources


      Do you need a good place to start your funding search for your business? A very good place to begin with is Angel & Private Investors. These investors are people who put money into smaller businesses that are start-up or emerging companies. Angel Investors bankrolled some of the largest and most successful businesses in history. Yours could be too!


      What kind of businesses do these investors put money into?

      • Service businesses
      • Manufacturing businesses
      • Real estate businesses
      • Construction businesses
      • Technology businesses
      • Restaurant businesses
      • Retail businesses


      This Guide Answers The Following For You:

      • Where do I start?
      • What do I tell them intially about my business?
      • What do investors and funding sources look for in a company?
      • How do I find them?
      • What do I say to them?
      • What if I make contact but I don't hear back from them?
      • How do I follow up?
      • What are some ways that I can legally sell stock in my company to investors?


      You get a list of 100+ Angel Investors & Online Resources (hyperlinks to their websites) in one easy to work with document; click on the link and go straight to their site! Find the ones whose interests match to your business, get their contact information from their website, send them your initial contact letter and you've made a start to find the funding you need for your business!


      Fast action; quick to read and easy to use! Buy Now At Our Website. Immediate download; you can have this in your hands in minutes!

      Dennis Lowery
      Adducent, Inc.