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    DBA queries

    PSSPEEDY Newbie
      Hello all,

      I'm new to this but it looks like i'm at the right place. I've a DBA registered from the townhall and have an EIN as well. With those two, i was also able to open up an business accnt with BOA.

      The way further looks very confusing to me as i'm a new guy to this realm. I'm an immigrant so i'm not even aware of many related laws that i would wanna be abide by entirely. I'd be very greatful if you could insight me on the following:

      1) Do I need to get any state/federal license or anything besides DBA and EIN (I intend to do business in CT)
      2) What are the type of business/es i could do just with DBA and EIN
      3) Would i be able to convert DBA into LLC later on - where can i do it from, Townhall?
      4) IF i chose to start an online store, do i need to hire a professional to regularly update and run it?


      If i' choose to starting up a home based travel agency,

      5) do i need any other state/federal license, again, besides DBA and EIN.
      6) where do i get the access to Travel Mainstream and booking kind of stuffs?


      I'd greatly appreciate your help, and please pardon for any possible undesired errors.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          DBA queries, Welcome

          New to this but it looks like i'm at the right place. O K Most people know what kind of business
          they want to go into and THEN register and get an EIN Number.

          Not a problem. So you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you.

          Go to Members page and tell us more.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            JVCruz Adventurer

            Hi PSSpeedy and good luck to you. Here are a few things that may help.


            1. Take a look at# -- There you will find a lot of answers and there is a link to find Licenses and Permits information that may affect you, your business, as well as, resources to find information on local zoning requirements, etc.
            2. You may also want to check out# for other revelant information

            As always, seek out the advice of an accountant and a lawyer. Tax laws can be confusing. There are resources located on the IRS website for small businesses at .
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              Yakimova Adventurer
              3) Would i be able to convert DBA into LLC later on - where can i do it from, Townhall?

              DBA stands for Doing Business As (this is the name of your company); LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. Obviously, there's nothing to convert here.

              If your question is whether you can convert Sole Proprietorship to LLC, then the answer is no, you can't do that. You have to desolve the sole proprietorship and form an LLC, but you can certainly keep the company's name (that would be the DBA).

              Hope this was helpful.