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    Ongoing short term loans needed

    sensa35 Newbie

      We are looking for an on-going source of short term loans. The loans would be paid back within 30 to 120 days and secured through the contracts we have with our customers with a 10% return on each investment.

      The funds would be used for payroll for a commercial air conditioning company in Southern California. We would only need to be funded once we sign a contract and start the project. This ensures that we do not have a payment we must meet without any money coming in, thus just putting us in debt. We do not need any funds for equipment, supplies, or sub-contractors, only labor.

      The investment would be secured through a joint check with our customer. What a joint check means is that we would not be able to recieve any compensation until the investor(s) are paid. We do not get any money until you get your money.

      The number and size of the loans we would need would depend on the amount of work we secure. The amount of work we secure would depend on the amount of capital we could raise. It is important to have these funds set up (not actually provided) prior to bidding any work. If we secure too much work without being able to provide the workforce we would not be able to survive.

      We typically work within the public works sector of construction. This would include schools, local government buildings, fire stations, hospitals, etc.

      I have been in the trade almost 20 years and have aquired a wealth of experience. With my time in the trade I have met a lot of people. It is set up to bring on key members for expansion when that time comes.

      We are looking for long term investors of many short term loans. We are trying to build a long lasting relationship that would allow controled growth into the forseeable future. With that said, our books would be open to all investors for any project they are vested in. We have nothing to hide.

      We will gladly answer any questions anyone might have. There is so much more to discuss but this has run far too long as it is.

      Thank you for your time and we look forward to talking with you.


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Ongoing short term loans needed, Welcome Kenny

          Have you thought about factoring your receivables??

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              sensa35 Newbie

              Thanks for the input,

              It has been our experience in the past that our customers (General Contractors) view this as being weak or strapped for cash. While this is often the case, we really do not want our customers to think of us that way. Not that we are trying to say we are something we are not, we just do not want to bring that kind of negetive attention.

              Not all customers react as descibed above and I know it is becoming more and more acceptable. However, especially in construction, companies seem to be here one day and gone the next, and we are simply trying to show we are more stable.

              Our thought is that if we could finance the labor as described, and if the customer did realize what we are doing, it would be after we have already performed a good portion of the project and it would be a mute point.

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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Kenny, We can go round and round. I am not trying to change your mind, HOWEVER your opening sentence
                  "It has been our experience in the past that our customers view this as being weak or strapped for cash" sounds more like your option than that of your customer.

                  We, (the business world) is going through BIG changes, with prices climbing through the roof
                  and customers taking longer to pay their receivables.

                  As A business owner, sometimes you have to "think outside the box". If you are servicing your customers and they are happy with your services, you should not be worrying about how they "view you".
                  If you can to talk further, email me at and include a phone number.

                  Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                      sensa35 Newbie

                      I have responded to your post through your email and have left my number as well.

                      Changing my mind is a welcomed. The reason for this site is to discuss the many options of our often clouded world.

                      Factoring is not out of the question. Just looking for different options.

                      I went into greater detail in the email. (Probably too much)

                      Thanks for the input.

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                  MarkSLF Wayfarer

                  Sounds to me like you need a line of credit secured by your receivables. If you recievables are greater then $500K I can set this up for you . Otherwise you may need to shop around. You can see more information at

                  Mark Lomas
                  Spotlight Financial LLC
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                    apexfunding Newbie

                    Should you decide later that you would like to factor your construction receivables, I too can help as well. Good luck with your investors searching.

                    Best Regards,
                    Steve Do
                    Business Consultant
                    Tel:(832) 483-7485