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    New Business, Young Owner, Needs $2000 working capital

    BennyJr Newbie
      I am 19 years old and i have been working on a business of my own for 3 years now. i have tested it at fairs, and even done a some birthday parties. i have worked out alot of the kinks on my own and invested about $8,000 of my own into it. i am now at the point were i am ready to ride my bike with no hands. i own everything i need. the business doesnt have any bills. but it doesnt have any working capital either. i am a college student working 2 jobs and with bills of my own am not able to provide the funds on my own anymore. my credit is young and i am sure i wouldent qualify for a loan on my own. i am looking for a way to get some working capital just to make sure i get my business off on the right track. if anyone can help or has some suggestions, please feel free to leave me a post. thank you.