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    Getting started online

    mantis Newbie
      I am new to the online world. That said, I am all about education and finding all there is to know about my subjects and learning the best methods to get started. I want to do it all myself for now because I want control and I am not sure who to trust out there. Lots of sharks roaming the waters. Luckily I found a great platform to start on and since I am noticing others on the forum who have questions about web design and marketing I felt the need to share what I am doing.

      If you are like me and are just getting started you may or may not have a day job. Not many of us can just up and quite what we do to start something online without first guaranteeing an income of some sort. I have a passion for my faith and healthy living and eventually I will have an e-zine site devoted to that but building a proper working web site will take me time so in the interim, I signed up with an e-zine that teaches the ins and outs of the internet marketing world and is affiliated with a web designer to get you started. I highly recommend checking them out but don't want to do any advertising here so if you are interested click my link below. The web design site is incredible and if you have a passion and just know that others would love what you have to offer, go for it. You CAN do it yourself! They walk you through search engine optimization, keyword research and web developement all in step by step easy instruction and the other network helps you to understand why traditional methods of marketing can only get you so far in today's info tech world, while linking you with the most effective tools for reaching targeted leads.

      Check out the sites and let me know what you think or if you just want me to tell you more I would welcome a reply.
      May your online dreams come true!