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    Check out my new business, tell me what you think.

    shopzone Newbie

      Take a moment to check out my new website


      1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click over my name.
      2. Look at the top right and click on "Overviews"
      3. Watch the 7 minute video and when you are done click on "See how it works"
      4. Click on documentation and enter User ID: ste Password: wealth

      If it makes sense to you click on join now and start earning


      Orlando Santana
        • Re: Check out my new business, tell me what you think.
          snipperred Scout
          Hi Orlando,

          I took the liberty of reviewing you and your website/ website affiliate. Here is what I think:

          The concept of a "scheme" is attractive to a lot of people, but there are too many schemes out there that pray on people's ambitions. I tried one over a decade ago and this has been a direct influence on how I have come to do business in an entirely different way. Here's my rule of thumb, if the scheme and business model was so great, then they would finance it and fully support you. Your affiliate charges an upfront fee and suggests that other people can shop through you and your cash back will eventually pay off the investment. This is one of the reasons I often ask people, "How is your business going for you...really?" Having made the investment yourself, have you recovered the cost and are you now earning in the profit model they suggested? I will take a guess and say no- unless they have hired you outside the business model to represent their interests as a success story.

          The sell is that the concept is current with internet shopping, name brand associations, and an environmentally friendly product line. The cost is that your profit will depend on promoting your portal and their scheme- something I doubt most people are going to be interested in, use, and may even be turned off by- both to the scheme and you.

          O.K. I took a look at your site and told you what I think. I think my site supports people like you and could help you represent your interests- maybe even draw in shoppers through your portal- maybe even lead to referrals. The difference is you are simply a member of the community. I am not selling anything, just want people to contribute to a positive community. Later on I will offer services and I'm going to offer consulting for small businesses in another venture I will develop outside the community. My free advice to you is to use social networking participation to meet and make friends- and have a passive sell by locating your site on your member page- so if anyone likes you and likes how you contribute to the positive theme of the community, then they might set you up on their "friends" list and even look into your page. I wouldn't promote your idea, but you can do that for free on my network if you think it is worth doing. My advice is not to promote it until you are a proven success and everyone associated through your portal or the scheme is also a proven success and completely happy. Now I will say this, if you want to donate to my site, I would be willing to feature you distinctly. However, the idea is you can do the same for yourself completely for free- and it's your actions and community reputation that really set you apart.

          I'm just getting started. So why don't you take a gander at my site and tell me what you think?