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    Is there a Web Developer - PHP/MySQL?

    TopdawgBernie Newbie
      First off the bat. These forums are a Godsend. I met my graphic designer here (Peter Cutler of Cutler Communications in Sommerville, MA) who created my logo and the graphics and copy content for my website. This was then transfered as psd, etc files to the lady who was to the do the HTML thing, host my site, etc.

      The business is an e-commerce site. I have a off the shelf equipment that needed a web interface designed to allow customers to customize/manage their accounts online (and over the phone as well using IVR) using their 10-digit phone number and a 4 digit PIN to authenticate themselves.

      Her utter lack of commitment to the project, total disregard for keeping me posted on the progress or lack therof is astounding in this day and age. I am fed up. I have lost my patiences. This is the piece that is keeping my business from opening its doors.

      So, I turned to these forums once more, hoping to get lucky as I did with my graphic designer - Peter mentioned above.

      How can I find these web developers who have some ethical streak in them to finish the job on time or at least keep me in the loop as to what is going on? Can someone recommend a developer. I'd much rather not outsource abroad. Not for jingoistic reasons. Just practicallity and the need to be up and running asap. I have lost too much time mucking around with her company.

      Thank you