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    Starting a small partner'd business. In need of a loan

    Taylor12 Newbie
      Hello, my name is Taylor.
      For the past year me and my best friend, Josh, have been wanting to start a computer business. We know exactly what we want to do and exactly what it will take to do it. The only problem is, we need a loan to start up the business and get everything going well, it takes money to make money ya know? I cannot obtain a loan from any of the banks in town due to the fact of my limited credit history, I am only 19 years old, I do have a little bit of credit history and I've always made my payments on time etc but being 19 years old and not having a lot of credit history under my belt it's quite hard for me to get the loan I need to start my business. If theres anyone out there that knows where I could get the loan I need or anyone on here that gives loans that would be interested in talking to me more and potentially giving me a loan, please leave a reply and leave me someway of contacting you.

      I deeply appreciate the time it took you to read this and I hope I find what I need soon!