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    Looking for a short term working capital loan

    gemoire Newbie
      This year the business made a gross of just a little over $186 000.00 over the 4 month tax season.Being the first year of operation at that location my overheads and expenses were a little steep.I look to grow the business this coming year by doing more marketing and making sure we retain our current clientele.Having being in the business for over 5 years I have customers that are loyal to me and I look to increase our clients this coming year.I am looking for a short term working capital loan payable in March 2009 with interest.
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          whalteva Wayfarer

          Hi short term working capital loan

          Please tell Luckiest where you are located. Do you have a business plan. How will you
          pay Luckiest back.

          Sorry could not resist, just saving you a post Luckiest,lol.



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              gemoire Newbie
              I am in Dallas,Tx.I have a business plan.I am looking for a loan of $15000.Once tax season starts I can make that in a week.I am looking to pay it off in 6 months (FROM NOW) I can provide bank statements.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Looking for a short term working capital loan, Welcome gemoire

                And thank you whalteva, it does show your Creative/Design/Media spirit

                Don't be sorry, keep it up, The more the merrier.

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                    sbfisher Newbie
                    Hi all,

                    I am interested in the same information as stated above.

                    Looking for a small loan to help build the business (immediately) before our busy season. The loan will be used for 2 more sales reps, and a larger office to house everyone. The amount needed would be $20,000. This would be paid back by Feb of 09 if not sooner. I already have a very sturdy client base and continue to add more daily. I have never borrowed capital before only used hard work. I started this company with 150.00$ to my name in 05 the first year I turned over 150,000.00 gross. We continue to grow at a rapid pace. I am in need of a little extra edge to make sure I am paying attention to the right things, and not worried about a few extra bucks at the end of the day for normal operation.


                    Again this is my first attempt so any and all information is welcomed.

                    Thanks in advance,

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                  hjs_23294 Newbie
                  Hello my name is Trevor Brown.
                  I'm the manager of MCA "merchant-club of ameria" we help small to mid-size business just like yours with its working capital need. please call me soon as you can. My number direct is 1-800-374-9557
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                    Milleisen Scout
                    Hi Gemoire - Have you approached a lender about this yet?

                    You mentioned your gross, but the more important figure is your cash flow. Being in business for 5 years is a plus if you can demonstrate consistent growth a profitability. Generally speaking, i think your business is one that a bank would feel comfortable lending to. The only risk I see is the seasonality, but if you have managed to exist for 5 years without a working capital line, it sounds as if you are doing a good job managing.

                    If you would like some info about whether you'll qualify for a working capital line, please share a bit about your business:

                    • What do your cash flows look like over the past 2 years?
                    • How much income did you pull from the business?
                    • What personal and business debt obligations do you have?
                    • What is the state of your personal credit?

                    If you don't want to post that such specific in the forum, I'd be happy to review it and give you my opinion. My contact info is in my profile.
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                      finsolamerica Newbie

                      We can arrange substantial revolving lines of credit for new and emerging businesses. Please contact us for details.






                      (954) 734-9669 or email: