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    Will I be able to get even a penny?

    miyoshi82 Adventurer
      I believe this is where all the smart money people hang out, but I am currently in school finishing up my business degree and want to open up my business right away once I graduat, I have about a bit more than 20k in student loans that I need to pay off right away. Should I put on hold my dream of opening up a small business and work it off first? I don't know what my credit score is since I don't hardly look at those things. Who or where should I go to get more information about obtaining some funds to start off my business once I'm done with school? I'm totally lost...
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Will I be able to get even a penny?? Welcome 82

          If I was you and was in school and graduating soon, I would do TWO things.

          One, Make a list of what types of businesses you want to open and prepare a business plan.

          Two, Visit SCORE in person or online. SCORE is FREE and can help.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Milleisen Scout
            Based on your descrption of yourself, banks probably won't lend to you to start a new business. Banks like to see a track record of profitbale operation before lending to you and your business. If you don't have any other sources of income, that would also be an obstacles. Lender like to lend on the past, so even if you hand them a business plan with projections, it won't be enough to overcome the lack of past operating history.

            I'd suggest identifying the business that you want to be in, then get a job in the industry to see if you like it and if its what you really want to do. You'll be able to learn the major obstacles of that particular business/industry that might not be apparent. I know that sounds tedious, but many successful business people start out that way. Domino's pizza requires all of its franchisees to have actually worked in a Domino's because they think its important to know exactly what you are getting into before you jump in with both feet.

            As far as writing a business plan, there are plenty of online resources to get you started. I've written a few and reviewed a bunch as a banker, so if you want some specific help, I'd be happy to see what you have.

            Finally - get a copy of your credit report. It's important to know what's on there. Knowledge is power!