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    Did I Miss Something Here - Like Introduce Yourself?

    DeadIntoIt Wayfarer
      Strange, I've been banking with B of A for almost a generation.

      Logging into my online B or A account since it became available.

      Considering my business, I find it pretty amazing I just did see the "Small Business Community" link at the bottom of the account login page today.

      Asleep at the wheel I guess. Which brings me to my question. Did I miss something or is there actually no "Introduce Yourself" forum here like you find in most other Small Business Forums?

      Not that it makes much difference to me really, but if B of A in their infinite wisdom decided such a forum in their community wasn't necessary, then maybe it's not.

      However, it there is an Introduction area here and I have missed it; would someone be kind enough to direct me to where I can find the link. I wouldn't want to miss some expected protocal or ettiquette.

      In the mean time, I'll get back to checking out this community.