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    Transfering sole prop. in a LLC to someone else (Delaware)

    delhiguy1975 Newbie

      Me and my friends started a company a few years back. The company is incorporated in Delaware and we live in NJ. I plan to use this company for some technology consulting work for a few clients in NJ in a month or so. One of my friend was shown as the sole prop of the LLC and we had shareholder agreements between us. We want to change the sole prop of the LLC from my friend to me since I will be the only one who will be doing business using this LLC.

      I wanted to know how can we do that? Is there some forms that we need to fill in to show that now I am the sole prop. of the LLC and I own the company and my members have transferred all their shares/rights to me. We are very good friends so transferring rights/shares etc is no problem, just need to know what is the fastest and most cost efficient way to do this.

      Any ideas