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    Need Help With Organizing New Business

    paulAPS Newbie
      I recently started a pool repair and maintenance business based out of
      my house. I am too the point where I need a system to organize my daily
      routes and remind me when a monthly service contract needs to be

      Also, I use Quickbooks and need to keep information on all of my
      customers such as equipment info, pool size, notes, etc etc. I am not
      sure if I can do this from within QB or if I can integrate it with
      database software.

      Thank you
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          snipperred Scout
          Hi there,

          I think you can set up notes in Quick Books, but I didn't like them and generally kept hard files in alphabetical order. You can manage contacts fairly well with Microsoft Office Outlook, set up time frames on Excel, and create pop up reminders on your calender by scheduling meetings to yourself.

          If you are interested in software, let me recommend you look into Microsoft Dynamics. It is completely integrated with Outlook and I think has a logistic module you might be looking for. Otherwise, I've seen freeware out there for that kind of thing. Check TUCOWS.

          Good luck on your venture. Let me know if my advice helped and feel free to join Area Light, my social networking project.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Need Help With Organizing New Business, Welcome

            O am a Quickbooks Consultant and would be happy to help you.

            Tell us more. Who are you, Where are you?? How can I get in touch with you??

            Do you have a Federal I D Number??

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              RickFelten Adventurer
              Hi PaulAPS.

              First, congratulations on being part of the great American Dream of owning/running a business. Getting to your point in business is exciting and I would certainly like to help you continue your growth & wealth creation.

              I've been helping people improve their business since 1991 and I don't sell software; so you are receiving the benefit of a professional independent recommendation.

              There are several ways to address your situation: the difficult way or the simple way! I usually opt for the simple way until the business reaches a critical mass of activity that necessitates the transition (probably around $1 million in revenue & 10 employees).

              The simple way is to use a spreadsheet application, such as MS Excel, to manage your routes & reminders. Excel has very robust database capabilities that will give you the ability to organize daily routes and remind you of service contract renewals. It is relatively inexpensive, simple to use, and you can import/export to QB.

              The beauty of this approach is that, since your routes are relatively static and the service doesn't require a dynamic product mix, you won't need complex (expensive) routing software. Additionally, you can setup Excel so that when you open it, the contracts that require renewal can be in RED and those getting close to renewal are YELLOW, giving you an easy visual indication of what needs your attention. Of course you can use any colors you want!

              Hope this helps PaulAPS & let me know if you need any help.