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    Area Light Online Business Communities

    snipperred Scout

      Area Light is a place for communities to converge by area of interest from personal, professional, to organizational. Try it today and feature your favorite discussions, websites, and business ventures. Today we are announcing a special group, Online Business Communities.

      About Area Light: At Area Light,you are free to present topics outside the scope of business- Check out our American Soccer group, for example, or start your own with whatever comes to mind. You can set up a profile showcasing your business with pictures, videos, blogs, a comment wall, and groups you are a part of- all for free. You can even set up your own social network just like we did in less than five minutes- for free. Then keep coming back to shed light on what's going on in your neck of the woods for the benefit of a community with a broader theme than business itself- "social networking".

      Rate the SBOC and build a directory of online communities: The Online Business Communities group is inspired by the Bank of America Small Business Online Community and others we have networked in. There is good reason to be a member of various online communities- especially the SBOC. We invite you to share your experiences and let people know of other Online Business Communities you know of so we can start building a useful directory. In turn, we hope to attract even more new members to the SBOC community because we feel it is one of the very best and has some of the most outstanding contributors.

      Shed some light on your area of expertise: We would also like to extend a special invitation to start a new discussion on how to use social networking for SEO and Advertising, Sales, and Marketing. Feel free to comment here for the benefit of this community and let us know what you think about our concept.

      Area Light Join the light.ning fast social networking phenomena.

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>O.K. guys. What do you think of my little pitch? I'll be beta testing my network this week since I just set it up and am learning how to use it. If you do SEO or Advertising, Sales, and Marketing- I have a special interest in including you on upcoming projects where my clients may want to run promotional features integrating the paltform along with other media etc. I'm not an expert in those areas but do hope to attract some to the community I can contract work out to- depending on the level of site sponsorship. So please promote yourself, your business, and projects like crazy there and I will put an emphasis on featuring you to show corporate sponsors just what can be done with the right expertise on the right platform. You can help make the community what you want it to be. I'm also running a little experiment for my own SEO with this thread. So thanks for your participation.

      Best, snipperred>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>