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    Multilevel query:  Sole proprieter vs LLC; LLC in DE or NC;

    JVCruz Adventurer
      I am fairly new to this site and have done some research; however, it seems that the more research I do, the more confused I get.

      I know that I need to contact an accountant and a lawyer. I am currently in TX but relocating to NC. I have an internet business that is in the works. I am also wanting to open a salon in Winston-Salem, NC.

      My question is: Should I form an LLC or just maintain a sole-proprietorship? If I form an LLC, is it best to form one in DE or in NC? I know that DE doesn't have strict requirements from an LLC; however, even if I form in DE, will NC require them as a foreign corp? Also, if I open a business account, is it more advantageous to have the LLC open one (to start building business credit) or just as a sole-prop.?

      I plan to see an accountant when I arrive in NC. Everything is on hold, pretty much, until I get there -- even the internet site due to Sales & Use permitting.

      I was just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this.