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    Get Your Company Logo Branded On A Board Game

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      The Difference Is Inc. a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that provides low income housing, youth development, and neighborhood revitalization. This year we're planning to kick off "Our Space Program" that help young adult ages16-21 go back to school 4 hours a day to complete their High-School requirements and 4 hours a day working at a Construction Site repairing blighted homes for low-income families. All students in the program will receive bi-weekly stipends to keep them motivated and focused in completing the program. After completing the program students will receive a General Education Diploma and a Construction Certificate.


      In effort to raise funds we are asking you to be a part of this high profile event with us by sponsoring a spot for "D-TOWNOPOLY " a *clever adaptation of the "Classic" game that allows you to put "*YOUR BUSINESS" in the middle of the action where everyone can see it.


      How does this benefit your Company? The benefits are clear: advertising, a chance to show off one's product or services, unlike newspaper, TV, radio or other media, this advertising is permanent and is targeted to the local family and general public throughout Michigan. .


      Enclosed is additional information on how to get your Company Branded on a Board Game that represents Metropolitan Detroit.