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    Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us!!

    jaggedja Newbie
      Internet marketing is an
      incredible opportunity for us to create awareness of the services and products
      we offer. To be successful, of course, we need to know how to create that
      awareness. The good news is that you can do that without being an "internet
      marketing person." You can use all kinds of internet marketing strategies to
      generate traffic and convert that traffic, and do it in ways that serve the
      human bond you need to create with the people that you serve. A key ingredient
      for success is having the right web site format.

      When deciding on the right
      format for your online marketing, keep in mind that the most basic, most
      important element of any website is to get a visitor's email address. If you
      have a website that doesn't allow the visitor to give you their email address
      and minimal information (opt-ins) in exchange for something, the website is
      virtually useless. Whatever format you use, have at least one way that people
      can sign up for something with their email address: a newsletter, a special
      report, a blog, whatever makes sense for you.

      In the internet marketing
      world a lot of people use a long sales letter as a home page. Long sales
      letters are typically good at selling products if the copy is well-written. But
      a lot of offline businesses might not like the idea of a long sales page
      letter, so there are other formats to consider that will work. Certainly a
      brochure style-something similar to a printed brochure. If you're going to do a
      brochure type website, combine it with one of the other formats so that you can
      capture opt-ins.

      You might want to consider
      an assessment as your home page. Something that engages the visitor in some
      way. Or a testimonial homepage format might be right. With this format, your
      entire homepage is comprised of testimonials from the people you serve. It's
      very, very simple, but it gives you an opportunity to let other people talk
      about you.

      More helpful tips here in the downloadable chapter excerpts...