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    Introducing Area Light

    snipperred Scout
      Hi there,

      For those of you who know me on this forum, I've been pretty hush hush about my projects. Here is one that I don't mind opening up for everyone to check out.

      If you haven't checked out Ning yet, I think it is the next hot app comparable to Facebook and Myspace. In fact, I think it's better. You can set up your own fully app loaded social network in less than five minutes for free.

      I did some research and a lot of "experts" suggest the concept can't compete because people just go in and set up "dead sites" averaging less than 10 members- wheras in Facebook and Myspace you have more immediate access to the entire community of millions. So I thought I'd cause a little positive disruption to that theory and create my own answer to that problem.

      I'm just learning and setting it up. Later on I may introduce some services. For now, it's just a place to go check out Ning and see how great of a community we can build.

      Let me know what you think. I like to offer advice here from time to time as part of my contribution to this community. If you've appreciated my help, then please return the favor and stop by to say hi.