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    Who works 9-5 these days?

    Howard Adventurer

      Just wondering if anyone works 9-5 any more. I certainly don't. Checking to see if I'm not alone.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Who works 9-5 these days??

          One of my sons does. In fact they want him in the office at 8 AM
          So really he works 8 to 5. Long days
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            How about 7AM to 6PM? 6 days a week?
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              I really don't notice the hours most of the time. I enjoy what I am doing but on those days when I am dealing with "special folks," one hour seems too long.

              I average between 65 and 80 hours a week. I love getting to work early because in the morning I am really charged.
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                A_Ellicott Adventurer
                I apologize for not remembering the names, but this reminds me of a quote I heard.

                A wealthy entrepeneur was asked for his secret to success. His reply? "Only work half days" he said, "you can either work dawn to dusk or dusk to dawn, the choice is yours."
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                  RickFelten Adventurer
                  Howard, My experience in helping small & medium sized business owners is that *they are working way-too much*! They seem to be stuck in the role of "doer" and everyone looks to them as the "company expert" who must approve everything and be involved with every decision. This rarely leads to improved profitability and normally results in long hours of thankless work. I show them a better way to run their business more profitably, with less stress, and with better results. BTW, I've started & run 4 businesses now and grew one from start-up to $100 million revenue in 5 years so my comments aren't just theory!

                  As for me, I never do something that can be done by someone else. I work as long as it takes to get things done & I work where ever I need to be. Several times I worked 120 hours for a client with only 15 hours sleep. Also, if I don't need to be on-site, I stay in my office. If I don't need to be in the office, I'm at a remote location. If I don't need to be doing anything, I'm with my sons, at Church, or relaxing on my motorcycle!

                  The key to this is that when I'm working, I'm extremely productive. Clients pay me for my experience, expertise, and specific knowledge as well as the physical implementation. Additionally, I present a Fixed Fee/Fixed Results proposition that places the preponderance of the risk on me and my firm. If we don't deliver on time, we work until we do at no additional fee.

                  For those clients who demand an hourly rate, I give it to them but I don't always enjoy the job. I hate being hounded with "Didn't you take a full 45 minutes for lunch last Thursday and not 30 minutes?" when we don't bill them for the 6 hours of work everyone performed at night after the client closed!

                  The short version of this is, if you own a business your role is not "doer" it is "owner". The responsibilities are different and if you are doing it right, your life should have less stress, and higher profits.

                  Hope this helps Howard.