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    Payroll services

    Interpreter Wayfarer
      I searched on Yahoo! for payroll services and I had no idea there were so many options. Which is the best payroll service? I don't need anything too advanced so something simple and easy will fit my needs.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Payroll services, Hi Dana.

          Tell us more. Where are you?? What kind of business?? How many employees??

          Most Payroll services are good. How can I reach out to you??

          Secret: If you pay your employees every other week, your costs drop in half.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            SOLUTIONSHR Wayfarer
            Hi Dana,

            Your right, there are many payroll services available. It all depends whether or not you want to do it yourself or utilize a processing service that takes care of everything for you, including paying and filing your taxes.

            Payroll services are an inexpenisve alternative to doing it yourself and usually much much less expensive than utilizing your CPA to do your payroll. All payroll services are not equal. You have the big guys with office across the nation. They know what they are doing but you often end up feeling like a number and they tend to lack customer service.

            I am a partner in SOLUTIONS Human Resources. One of the services that we offer is payroll processing services. What we offer is full service, you can pick and choose what you want but we generally provide clients with 24/7 WEB Access, Checks and Direct Deposit, Tax Payment, Tax Return Filing, W-2 preparation and delivery, W-3 production and filing. We can also process leave accruals, benefit and other deductions and other convenience functions. We also offer the best customer service in the industry.

            One of the best things about our system is that we interface with Quickbooks so that if you do use it for your financials, you can import the payroll data right into your general ledger. We also never archive your data. It is available to you forever. You do not need to keep boxes of paper reports, you can run them online whenever you need them, as far back as you need them.

            I would be very happy to prepare a quote for you if you are interested. I will just need to ask you a few questions so that I can make the quote accurate. You can contact me at 800-928-7449, ext 1670 or via email at

            Thanks, Greg
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              bonnie1110 Wayfarer
              Hi Interpreter,

              My name is Lavonne Clark with Ace Business Services, Inc. We specialize in payroll services that's efficient and affordable. Our website is We're based in IL and have the capability to handle payroll within the 50 states. My number is 630-355-ACES (2237) and you can contact me with any questions you may have.

              Ms. Clark
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                Mybizfiler Adventurer

                Hi Dana,


                Your search for payroll services comes to end here. With over 80,000 client base, we are proud to call ourselves end-to-end service providers of Incorporation, Accounting, Payroll Processing, & Business Consulting services. At ICS (, we, at a very competitive price (1/4^th ^of charges a typical CPA charges) take care of your complete payroll processing and also provide with other services listed above.


                Below is the scope of our Payroll Processing Services:

                • Ø Computerized checks
                • Ø W2's and 1099's
                • Ø Services like 401K etc.
                • Ø Tax Payments and Filing
                • Ø Guaranteed accurate
                • Ø Direct Deposit
                • Ø 940/941 forms
                • Ø Handwritten checks


                What makes our clients comfortable?


                • Ø Quality
                • Ø Timely services
                • Ø Support services available round the clock ( Email, Voice, Chat)
                • Ø Overall, Peace of Mind


                You can visit ICS @ For further information please contact us at or reach our 24/7 call center 203-437-4083. We will soon be enabling 24/7 online chat for our clients. Read some of our posts on our Blogsite-


                Best Regards,