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    How to turn your email list into sales!

    jaggedja Newbie
      Here are five ways to get
      your list's interest, trust, and business:

      Stay in the conversation.
      Know the profile of the buyer you are targeting and keep yourself focused on
      communicating to that person in your emails. Be in frequent contact with
      information and topics you know will be of interest.

      *Provide a really
      outstanding guarantee*. An irresistible guarantee lets the prospect think, "I can always
      get my money back." More than that, a really BIG guarantee generates trust
      because if you weren't confident in your product or service you wouldn't be
      offering something sow awesome.

      *Continue adding
      products and services*. Find ways to get feedback from your subscribers that will help you
      tailor your offerings to their needs and wants. Do this through interactive
      teleseminars, free or paid coaching sessions, or surveys (live or online). Keep
      subscribers informed about the feedback you receive and what you're going to do
      about it.

      *Offer something
      different from everyone else*. Keep an eye on what other businesses are offering in their
      campaigns and come up with alternatives. A game instead of a raffle, a survey
      (and compiled results) instead of a white paper, tickets to a live event
      instead of a webinar. Get creative with offers that encourage sales.

      *Sell other
      companies' products or services*. Link up with other businesses that are complementary to
      yours through affiliate programs or joint ventures. Offer package deals to the
      lists of all participating businesses.


      One final tip: Take advantage of your email signature, in your campaigns and in
      day to day communications. Think of it as an extra chance to talk about your
      company. Focus on one offer, product, or opportunity in each signature. You can
      create a library of signatures and alternate their use.

      For more information on biz strategy download the chapter excerpts here...