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    Starting New Business - Need Financial Assistance

    Gene2010 Newbie
      I am trying to start a new business - Childcare Service or Daycare. I have completed obtained the LLC, and in the process of finalizing Business Plan.

      I need guidance on how to secure funding to move forward. The cost I have found, by doing extended research, is about $350,000 to start up successfully. The funding will cover the salaries of the best teachers and create the most effective learning atmosphere for the young children.

      My designated Program Director has over 17 years experience in childcare. She has a BA in early childhood education and soon to have her Masters. She is experience in all aspects of the State and Federal laws and guidelines for running a daycare facility. I myself have over 12 years experience in Human Resources. I will soon have my BA in Supply Chain Management.

      To further explain my post, I am looking for someone to give me advice and guidance on securing funding to get started. There is a great need for more child learning facilities in my community, not just daycare, but a facility where a child is really taught and prepared for entering school. "No child left behind" can be accomplished with the right start.

      If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. This is not a non-profit organization, but I am open to Grants or whatever assistance I can get.

      Thanks !!