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    Need your help brainstorming new products

    b2btech Wayfarer
      I wanted to see if you and I could have fun with this task. I'm looking for some new products to sell on my eCommerce website and want to give you the requirements and see how many ideas you can come up with. Here are the requirements for the new product(s).

      1.) I want a product that I can sell to other businesses (B2B).
      2.) I want a product that is consumable, meaning that the customer needs a constant supply of it. (repeat business)
      3.) Must be dropship friendly.
      4.) Must be appropriate for a business.
      5.) Has to be something that is used on a regular basis.

      Those are the requirements. To make things interesting I have already eliminated (computers, ink / toner cartridges, pens, paper, phones, calculators, and coffee). If someone comes up with a terrific idea I will let everyone know. Thanks for your help.